The Check List


This is my last full week of work before we turn into hobos.  I thought I would write up a big checklist of things we need to take care of.

  • Schedule Oil Change – Need the oil changed, chassis lubed, and generator serviced.
  • Renew Towing Insurance – I need to choose between Good Sam and Coach Net.
  • Fix Tail Light – Last year a swing set from a neighbor flew thru our campsite and took out the turn signal on the side.
  • Replace the Grey Water Valve – Winter took its toll and part of the valve broke.
  • Find a Bike Rack – Now that we are not towing our vehicle we need a place to hold our bikes.  We don’t want to keep them in the bedroom.
  • Find a New Home State and Mail Service – Why pay taxes in one of the highest taxed states in America?  We need to select a new home state, register and get a mail service working so our friends don’t have to deal with our bills!
  • Choose A Backup Internet Plan – We will move from park to park so we should be able to always have a cable modem for future work we find.  We need to sign up for a Millenicom plan or alternative so we can have multiple internet pathways.
  • Sell The External Propane Tanks – I don’t need to be hauling 60lbs of propane inside my house.  The 100lbs of onboard propane will be fine if we keep south in the winter.
  • Update iPhones – We need some new apps.  There are a few apps we will want that will help us out.  Places to overnight for free, finding dump stations, campgrounds, and fun things to do!

I thought RVing was supposed to simplify my life?

Some of this stuff I can do after we get on the road.  It is exciting to think about the reality of doing new things and having new adventures.

I can’t believe how fast and how much change I have experienced the last few years.  It is encouraging to hear people who have read my book on Finding Happiness let me know how much it meant to them, and how much it is helping them to experience life differently.

The people who don’t think we are crazy often say how much they appreciate and envy what we are doing.

It’s never too late to make your dreams happen.  It’s never too late to embrace change.


The Spiritual Nature

spiritual nature

I have noticed my blog has had a lot of spirituality in it the last few days.  I wondered how that would go over?  I wondered what that would do to my traffic?  Oddly enough posts about things spiritual seem to get a lot of hits.

That did surprise me for a moment.

It also makes a lot of sense.  RVing really is a sort of spiritual process.  You look in an RV forum and you will see people asking about going full-time.  That experience isn’t usually driven by a lust for a gigantic diesel pusher.  More often then not you find people having a spiritual awakening.  The realization that stuff is not a value worth living for.  The understanding that you can completely reboot your life and your values.

This is my last full week at work.  Next week has some vacation in it.  My lack of upcoming paychecks has really made me awaken my spiritual side even more than it ever has been!

I realize that my desire to RV, to travel, to help people, is a result of my spirituality.  It is a result of me wanting more for my family and my life.

Some of the best times over last few years have been during travels.  Our adventures in Russia adopting a kid.  The satisfaction of opening wells in India.  The challenge of the Great Lakes circumnavigation.  The thrill of buying our RV online and driving across the country to bring it home.

For good or bad, we have discovered that we like motion.  It awakens us.  It makes us appreciate our limited water.  The preciousness of heat on a cold night.  The miracle of electricity.  The comfort of our limited square footage.

There is a time for nesting and a time for adventure.  RVing is awesome because it provides a vehicle to accomplish both missions with.

Good news – we picked out our very first destination!

The first stop will be the oil change place.

Hey, every adventure needs a beginning.  Might as well be a stop to baseline the rest of our travels!

Going Nomadic


I had a realization this Easter weekend.  I am actually going Nomadic.  And I really don’t have very much money!  What the world am I doing?

May 4th is my last day at work.  May 5th we are going to go somewhere.  I don’t know where!  I don’t know how!

I also figured it will cost me about $2,000 to get my truck ready to tow behind my vehicle.  That is about all I have saved up!  That means we will not be traveling together.  For fun we listed the truck on Craigslist.  My mechanic advised me to not sell it until we are in a different state.  People in Wisconsin don’t really understand what kind of vehicle a 1993 Land Cruiser is.  My truck is scary because it is rusty and has interior problems – but it is over 5 grand worth of in demand parts as it sits – and would be worth over 10k if someone would finish fixing it.

Good news is the truck is super reliable so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  It just stinks because it would be awesome if we could all travel in the same vehicle together.

When thinking about going nomadic it is very easy to get overwhelmed.  I have many more questions then answers.  My main question of course is how are we going to get money?  I can make it for about 2 months, but that is it!  We will see what God lines up for us.

I am going to be a bit crazy and attempt to be a Digital Missionary.  I want to help pastors and missionaries around the United States learn to use technology to better themselves and their churches.  I want to help missionaries develop better communication with their support base.  I want to help missionaries communicate with churches in such a successful way that they don’t have to work so hard to get invitations.

Most of all I want to encourage pastors and missionaries to have a great life.  The stats for pastors leaving the church world are crazy bad.  Church work can be terrible, but it doesn’t have to be.  Working at a church should be the best job on earth.  Instead it is often too much for any pastor to handle long term by themselves.

I am hoping that God can open up opportunities for me to help pastors and missionaries in a real and tangible way.  I don’t really know anyone in an RV willing to roll up to a church or missionary base and spend days or weeks at a time helping get things set up.

The ultimate challenge of course is that most pastors and missionaries can’t afford to pay for a consultant of any kind.  I have a few ideas to make it affordable, so we shall see how it works out.

If it looks like everything is going to not work out, we have a location out west picked out.  We will make a final charge in that direction and just get jobs.

The good news is we only need like 24k a year to not die.  It shouldn’t be too bad to find any kind of minimum wage job to make that happen.

For us this journey is going to be a test of faith.  We are going to see where God leads us.  We have a few offers of driveway camping over the next few weeks.  A friend is going to pay us with chicken to help with some web design stuff.  We are going to visit a few churches in Wisconsin and do what we can to help.

My goal is to be somewhere nice for winter!

We did a few big projects over the last week.  Tracy built a bike, so now we all have bikes.  We joined Passport America so we can have 1/2 price camping in most of America.  We ordered some LED lights because we will be camping without power and hookups a lot.  I am signed up so we can take credit card payments for work we do.

This week I have to sign up for Towing insurance.  I also need to fix the leaky grey water valve, schedule an oil change for the RV and the onboard generator.

I also need to get my blog setup.  Make some brochures and business cards.  Start advertising and letting my friends, contacts, vendors know what I am doing.

The picture above is from a camping trip a few years ago.  We spent 3 weeks driving around every single great lake.  It was insane.  We camped in a new spot every night.  We drove almost 3,000 miles.  We cooked almost every meal ourselves, sometimes on the side of the road like in the picture.  About 2 weeks into the trip Tracy said we could probably live out our truck and be ok and have fun.

For now we will settle for living out of our RV.

We can keep dreaming that one day we will be successful enough to move into a car!

RSS yourself for a better U


One of the perks of my job is that I have the chance to encourage and help people.  A lot of people who find out that I am a creative director want to know how to get such a cool job.

Over the years I have come to realize that people are not asking how to become a creative director.  People are really asking how to get a job doing something they love.

One of the biggest hurdles to  doing what you love is discovering what you love.  The problem is all have very limited imaginations.

I read a book on goal setting and they said that once you become intentional about goal setting you will find that your 5 year goal is probably a more realistic 1 year goal, and your 25 year goals are probably not big enough to be even 5 year goals.

We just don’t have the capacity to believe in ourselves like God does or sometimes even as much as our friends believe in us.

A major component of personal growth is inputing new knowledge and experiences into our life.

There is a famous quote: The difference between the you of today and the you of tomorrow is the people you meet and the media you consume.

Sitting on your duff won’t make you a better person.  You have to do something that will input new knowledge and experiences into your soul.

Commonly we all input television into our bodies.  That is usually a very shallow kind of experience.  Television is not real and even the people are not real.  Television gives us false expectations about people and life.  Yeah, I am a fan of a few shows, but in most television everyone is beautiful and no one ever has to work.  In television you get to sit around, drink, talk with friends,  and your infant children never cry or need taken care of.

So what can you do to replace television?  Reading is something worth considering.

In the past you were stuck with reading books.  Thick books written by scholars.  It could be hard to even find a book that interested you.

Reading isn’t what you grew up with in the 80′s and 90′s.  In fact reading has drastically changed in just the last 5 years.

Reading used to be a commitment.  It could take days or weeks to get through a book you may not even appreciate or agree with.  Today reading a few paragraphs could just be what you needed to completely change your entire way of thinking.

Instead of choosing between heavy thought provoking books or the fluffy and shallow works of ad filled magazines, a new medium of blogging has started becoming established over the last 10 years.

What blogging did was fill the gap between books and magazines.  It allows you access to the brightest people of any given field or subject.  Todays bloggers generate more life changing content in a year then many authors of past were able to generate in a a lifetime.

The downside is that blogging and the internet has become overwhelming.  The internet is so large you don’t know where to start, or even how to start.

At some point I started wondering how certain people on the internet had so much information.  Did companies call up bloggers to let them know what was happening?  Did bloggers spend all day dancing from site to site to gather their information and links?

At some point I discovered RSS feeds.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It is a way to automate the capture of information from a website.

A normal way to read a website is to type in the url – the www address – and wait for the page to load.  that can take 15seconds to a minute depending on your typing and internet speed.  If you visit 10 sites you could be waiting for up to 10 minutes just for the pages to load into your computer because of all the ads.

Enter your RSS reader.

An RSS reader gathers the content for you.  It categorizes the data and makes the data easy to read and use.  I can read upwards of 500 articles in about 30 minutes.  I read about RVing, self-improvement, writing, computer tricks and tips, finances, and creativity.

Everyday the articles come to me and I read the headlines.  I read the most relevant articles with purpose.  I store the best articles for later reference.

Everyday I am encouraged and learn new things.  I reach out and contact writers and creators to ask questions and engage in new discussions.

I am shaped by new media and new people.

Less then 15% of internet users use RSS.  So few people use the feeds that Google shutdown its RSS reader.

It’s the creators of what is on the internet that use RSS feeds.  Almost all sites allow the use of RSS readers.  They have a secret way to get the content.  A way to bypass the ads, bypass the load times, a way to have instant access.  A way to have all the information for free without the noise of normal internet travel.

This is post is going to be part 1.  Part 2 will be a video tutorial on how to use  Part 3 will be a list of sources you should consider using.

My suggestion?  Don’t wait.  Go to and sign up.  Add in a few websites you like to read.  It really is not hard to do.  You will not break anything if you can’t figure it out!

Start your journey to a better you today.  Getting encouragement from outside sources is a great way to start learning more about your dreams and how to make them happen.

End of an Era


In something of a surprise ending for ourselves, our families, and our friends we have closed out a chapter of our lives.

We have put in our notice at my job and we are moving out.

To where, to do what, and how, I have no idea!

In one of the chapters of my book I write about the process of hearing from God.  I have found the concept of reading the Bible to tune yourself  to hearing God’s voice to be a tool that has been indispensable to my life.

The issue many Christians face is they learn to hear from God.  That is all they do hear.

I want to do more than just hear.  I want to do what God asked.

I have felt for the last 2 or 3 years God has been gently telling me to trust him and go.

I think I was passive aggressively looking for a new job, trying to line up things, and take the next step.

The problem was God didn’t ask me to do any of that.

God asked me to go.

A few years ago I took a 2 week trip to India to help with wells and churches.  The leader of the trip said something very profound.  He said “God’s word is a lamp unto your feet, not a lighthouse illuminating your future.”

Another quote I heard this year was “You don’t need to fully understand for you to fully obey.”

Honestly I have an Evernote folder full of journals were I felt like God was asking me to trust him with one more step.

I don’t really understand what is next.  I just know that I am leaving behind a deep friendship, a lot of extended loving family members, and a church family I deeply care about.

Already I see changes happening at my work that wouldn’t have happened if I had stayed.  I am slowly starting to get excited and to push down my fear.  I am learning to expect God to meet me instead of hoping he will meet me.

My friend Gigantical told me to quit worrying so much.  He said I should quit looking at this step as one I should fear.  Instead I should look at my entire life and see how God has prepared me.  He told me to look at how many crazy things I have done already, and to look at how many more crazy things I still have desires to do.

I met a new friend this week who told me a little about a similar “Life Wrecked” story he went thru.  God is continuing to bring in new people to encourage me.  People who will help strengthen us and build us up.

You may want to sign up to get this blog sent to your email.  I might not be working a normal job for a while.  Expect lots of crazy stories, crazy travels, and crazy camp sites.

God doesn’t call us to live ordinary lives.  God loves us.  He wants us to engage him fully and to learn to live in his love and Grace.

That is enough for me.


The RV Bedroom Remodel


After surviving winter in an RV, we prepare to embrace the freshness of spring.

That means spring cleaning.

And spring remodeling.

Last year Tracy came up with idea of getting our bed off the ground.  In theory this is a great idea.  If the bed is off the ground, moisture will not be trapped under the box springs.  It should also be warmer because the cold air sinks under the bed.

Like many great ideas at HIWML, this idea remained an idea.  Until you write down your dreams and make them a reality, your dreams will always remain your dreams!

This freshness of spring must have inspired Tracy to implement a dream – a dream to have a clean bedroom!

Tracy enlisted my help to make this happen.  I was ok with this chore because my side of the bed had a large hole in it.

It’s a long story, but right after we moved into the RV we decided to rotate our bed from a side-to-side orientation to a front-to-back orientation.  Tracy went into the house to get more moving supplies.  While I was dragging the box springs around I stepped on one.  And I crushed the side of it.  And right then my friend Gigantical walked in and saw me do it!

I of course quickly demanded that he keep quiet.  Amidst his laughing he helped me quickly rearrange the bed and get the mattress on-top.

I knew I had gotten away with it!

Over the last year it has been getting worse and worse.  It was to the point that we would warn each other to not fall into the hole when we went to bed.

Tracy had a plan to fix this.  We would layout some wooden pallets and make a deck.  We would place the mattress on top of the deck and that would be our new bed!

Step one was to empty out the bedroom.  This was fairly easy because our bedroom is in the garage of our toy hauler.  We simply lowered the back ramp and started dragging everything out.

It was sort of disgusting.  Moisture is a major problem with RVs.  Under the box springs were puddles.  And the box springs were molding.  GROSS!

After emptying out the bedroom, I loaded the mattresses up into the Land Cruiser and headed out to the dump.  For only $38 they let me leave the moldy box springs behind.

I wish I lived in the South.  They don’t have a problem with dumping old furniture on the side of the highway!

After I got back to the RV we started arranging pallets.  The back of our bedroom floor ramps down to help make the entrance ramp shallow.  That means that the last 2 feet of the floor dips and is not level.  That meant the back two pallets kept banging around.

After we got the mattress on-top of the pallets everything seemed to stabilize itself.


The pallets sticking out the side of the bed make for a nice shelf.

The results are what Tracy called “shabby chic”

Ok its very college dormitory feeling!  That is ok tho.  It was super cheap and it is highly functional.  Our bed is a king sized bed and almost touches both sides of the RV.

As of right now there is about 5 inches of pallet that need to be sawzalled off whenever my father-in-law gets to stop by and chop it up.

We slept on the new bed and it worked well enough.  I hate getting up off the bed because the pallet is sticking out too far.  It makes things awkward and I am afraid I will get splinters all the time!  Also the extra 4 inches of pallet sticking off the bottom of the bed really cuts into our dressing area.

All in all it was a great project for Tracy and I.  Nice and simple and no power tools needed!


You can see the pallets extending out the bottom of the bed. That will be cut off soon. The extra length makes it hard to get out of the bed and not get a splinter!


Happy Birthday 2014 Edition

happy birthday 2014 edition

It is celebration season at the Homer household.  My wife’s birthday, our anniversary, and my birthday are all within 10 days of each event.  It is a very rough expensive week on the pocketbook!

With that much partying happening in such a short time, we never have any energy left for April fools day pranks.

A custom that Tracy implemented  in the family is that we have to bake each other whatever cake the other person asked for.

When Tracy asks for a cake, it is never anything like a Dairy Queen ice-cream cake.  It is usually something I can’t pronounce, it takes her weeks to save up for all the ingredients, and it involves me almost destroying a kitchen to create.

Last year I decided that I would finally choose an awesome cake of my own.  I asked for a birthday cake made from cake balls like the ones that Starbucks serves.  This was an idea that was treated with an evil eye stare.

After Tracy told me she would never make something so ridiculous she consented with one caveat.  If I would remind her of the cake, she would make it.

This is of course a great bet.  I am crazy and always am finding something new anyway.  Chances are I would completely forget about the cake.

Unfortunately for Tracy, I had an iPhone 5 with Siri!  I instructed Siri to remind me to ask for a cake-pop-cake on March 1st.

Siri did not fail me!

Siri let me know at the beginning of March that I had asked for a cake-pop cake.

I don’t know what kind of trouble Tracy had to go thru to make that cake.  All I know is she only managed to save 30 of the 80-100 cake balls she spent all day baking.

Also the conversation as you would imagine went down hill quickly.  It mostly involved things that shouldn’t be said and ended up reminding us of this famous scene, but mostly being played out in our own crazy way.

The one thing we all agree on is that it is good to not bake in an RV campstyle oven.  You can make the RV oven work, it is just not ideal.  Lucky for us we are almost parked on top of Mr. & Mrs. Gigantical’s front door, so it wasn’t a ton of work to run over and mess up their kitchen instead of ours.

Cake baking isn’t easily accessible in RV world.

I recently read in a book that a successful person understands how to enjoy things they do not own.  We all have a desire to control and own what we enjoy.  It took Tracy a few tries to get used to using other peoples kitchens.  The first time she ever used another persons kitchen was in an RV park.  In a middle of a big dish she realized that she couldn’t fit her pan into the small RV oven.

She had to ask someone in the park with a park model home if she could use the residential oven.  The RV had been there for over 5 years and the owner didn’t know how to use the stove.  Apparently they never had cooked in the RV.

That sums up a large part to being able to enjoy an RV.  You can have a great view, but you can’t keep it.  You met great people, but your time is limited.  You understand that even your home is decaying on a constant basis.

You can chose to be upset and just sit inside pouting at the temporariness of everything, or you can chose to embrace whats new and whats next.  You can chose to understand that everything is temporary, even the ending.

Something new is always coming.

The Case For RV Ready Now?


When you dream about full-timing in an RV you think about traveling all over the planet.  The biggest issue most people have for not being able to full-time is that they do not have a job that is location independent.

Instead people just dream about it.  What if you don’t want to give up a steady paycheck?  What if your skills don’t translate into remote work?  What if you are not ready?

I would like to suggest that maybe RV living could still be for you.

If you buy a nice RV + your park expenses + your living expenses = everything being about what it would cost for home ownership.  Even roof, floor, and plumbing repairs are all on par with normal house living.  I am sure that in some places like California or other high tax areas,  an RV could be cheaper.

Now if you are debt free and own your RV, then things get significantly cheaper.  All the sudden you don’t have to make a $500-$1000 dollars a month mortgage plus your park and and living expenses.

Often times when I research a bit deeper into full-time RV blogs I see the authors are usually debt free and have bought a gigantic piece of crap RV  for little money.  Even funnier is when you see on the about page a little tribute to a relative that has passed.  Perhaps that windfall from a relatives was just the security blanket they needed?

That being said, some people are just much wiser with time and money.  I have met some full-time RVers they were constantly working – working way more then I would ever be willing to do.  They were true entrepreneurs.  They wanted to work and travel and they were definitely working and traveling!

I moved into an RV to enjoy the simple life and to get back to nature and the basics.  Not to work non-stop for a mobile lifestyle.

So if you want to go full-time in an RV and you can’t be mobile, what are some reasons to make the jump?  Here are a few I thought of:

  • Simplified Lifestyle.  You can’t get more simplified in American then by living in less than 400 square feet!  There is no fooling yourself into thinking you are a minimalist.  You are a minimalist!
  • Back to Nature.  You are cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  You hear birds and animals.  You experience the wind and the rain in all new ways.  You are no longer cut off from the physical world.  You no longer are isolated from the outside or your neighbor by the false security of your house.
  • Mobility.  You are no longer restricted to one setting.  You can live in different areas in your community.  Even if you have very limited RV parks to choose from, you will find places to stay you had no idea existed!  If a neighbor is bothering you, then you can move!  You can pay a premium and live in a park with swimming pools in the summer, and you can move to park with access to skiing areas in the winter!
  • Vacations.  You may live in the RV, but you can also take it on vacation.  For a short vacation an RV can be expensive, but for a longer vacation, and RV can be cheaper.  At some point  hotel stays get really expensive!  Nothing is better then to not have to pack for vacation.  Move your house and your minimalist possessions!
  • Independence. Many RVs (mainly class A’s) are completely independent.  That means they can provide power, sewer, and shelter all in one package!  Granted they can only be an island for a limited amount of time, but during an emergency, those few days can mean everything.  There is a reason many charities want volunteers who own RVs – RVers are not 100% reliant on outside utilities.
  • Adventure! You see how everyone else is living – why not try something new?  You want to try out some new challenges? Why accept the status quo?

Living in an RV isn’t for everyone.  Adventure is ultimately just a bunch of problems you celebrate your success at.  Some people hate problems and conflict, and new problems and conflict are just not something they need.  Other people thrive with adventure.  They come alive at overcoming obstacles.  Some people feel that they just don’t want to live normal lives – they want to have that extra layer of independence and simplicity.

Full-time travel is definitely a dream for our family, but ultimately RVing is about rebooting.  It’s about getting close to God, ourselves, and nature.

What do you most look forward to?

The RV Heater Conundrum

winter heat conundrum

I have mentioned a few times that despite the terrible winter lows (-60F at one point with windchill) we have been nice and comfortable.

A major source of our heat is our electric fireplace.  Unfortunately our fireplace didn’t make it thru the winter.  The good news was we never paid for that fireplace.  It was a gift from Tracy’s parents.  It did a great job, it just didn’t like to run 24/7 for 6 months a year!

The cat was the biggest fan of the old fireplace.  The old fireplace made a great shelf.  We kept pictures and the napkins on it.


The biggest downside was that the old fireplace couldn’t stay put.  It was on wheels and it was too thick for its spot.  Whenever we had to move, we had to move the fireplace because it blocked the living room slider.  We couldn’t just move it into the hallway either.   The fireplace would roll around the RV when we drove.  We would end up having to stow it in the bathroom or drag it down to the sunken level master bedroom and lay it on the bed.  No matter where we kept the fireplace, it was always inconvenient.

The new fireplace is definitely sharper.  It is mounted securely to our wall and is thin enough it can stay put when we close the slide.  This new fireplace also has been doing a great job keeping the house warm.  Today we had to turn down the electric heater because it was actually making the RV  hot!

We actually went about 3 weeks without an electric fireplace.  When our old fireplace died we didn’t feel like paying $150-$300 to replace it.  What ended up happening is we were spending an additional $40-$60 a week in propane.  It didn’t take long to realize that we couldn’t wait until fall to purchase another fireplace.

We are living in Wisconsin,  sometimes winter lasts until June!

As of now I need to figure out how to plug everything in.  There is no room behind the TV, so the Roku and the Fireplace have ugly cables hanging down.  I will have to figure out how to fix things at some point.

What I do know is I am happy to have a fireplace back.  The new fireplace is super quiet and makes a great nightlight when I get up and walk around late at night.

Now we just have to solve one more problem.  I like the new fireplace to have the orange backlight, The boy wants the blue backlight, and the wife wants all the backlights turned off!

Once one problem is solved, a few more always manage to pop up :)

Home Sweet Home


We went with our friend Gigantical and his wife to an RV show.  RV shows are the parade of homes event for RVers.  Instead of rushing from property to property you are in a gigantic building filled with tiny houses to tour and hotdog vendors selling you $1 bar food for $10.

The food was easy to overcome.  We packed ourselves a gigantic picnic basket full of burritos and soda.  At the end of our time touring Rvs we went into the lobby and ate a fantastic meal for free.  I think people were a little jealous!

That being said after looking around the RV show we realized a truth.  The Damon Outlaw is the perfect RV for us.  Yes, I would probably still sell it if I got a great offer, but honestly there is no other motorhome with 2 bedrooms that would work for us.  Everything else will require a lifestyle change for us to make work.

Tracy of course is still in love with teardrops.  Tracy’s dream is we buy a teardrop trailer and put a rooftop tent on it.  We would be forced to live outdoors and cook in the mini-outdoor-kitchen on the back of the teardrop.

I don’t understand how winter would work, but Tracy is pretty sure we could do it.

If we would sell this RV we would definitely get a smaller RV instead.  If we didn’t start with our current RV we never would have made it.  We have gigantic holding water tanks, huge poop tanks, and a structure that is super robust for warding off the cold weather.  We all have our own rooms.  At 38feet in length, there is plenty of room to stretch out.

We now feel we are ready to try living in a much smaller space like this or this.

The advantage of living in a smaller diesel RV would be milage.  We would be able to travel significantly more often if we had a smaller RV.

Our Class A gets exceptional milage for a gas engine RV.  We average about 8 miles per gallon.  Many gassers only get 6mpg.  The key for us is we have gigantic tires with a high rolling resistance, and we have the 8.1 vortex engine.  That engine is so big it’s stupid.  New RVs are rocking out V-10 engines.  The GM 8.1 8 cylinder engine has a lot more displacement than the current Ford V-10 engines.  Our RV hums down the highway at about 2,000rpm.  Its basically idling instead of revving up all the time.  It is very impressive.

The smaller diesel RV’s do much better than 8mpg.  They are getting closer to 18mpg.  Lots of people are reporting they are getting 20-22mpg.  That would enable us to drive the smaller RV around like a car.  We could drive it to the grocery store to get groceries or drive it to the lake just for a change of pace.  We also could hide and fit in friends driveways easier.

That being said we are in no rush to sell.  We love our current home.  We have the kinks worked out, and our house is very solid and easy to live in.