The story of how a family gave away their belongings, moved into their RV, quit their job, traveled, ran out of money, and are starting over.  Learn what we learned, be inspired with us, and start your own search for peace and grace.

Latest Posts About RV Life

RVing is a year round activity

I will tell you a secret about RVing.  Your bank is going to want a payment every month.  No need to mothball your RV for 3-6 months.  RV Everyday! Over the last year we have been more about living and surviving then vacationing.  This Christmas we decided to change... read more

My plans for 2016

I have been a little slack on my posts lately.  Since I have last posted, we have driven across the Smokey Mountains, camped in a flooded state park, took a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, cannonballed across South Carolina, only to arrive back at our starting point.... read more

RV Christmas Decorating

Some people worry that they will lose the feeling of having a home when they live in an RV.  For us after about 2 months, it felt like we have always lived in an RV.  Its amazing what you can accept as normal! Since living full-time in our RV we always go out of our... read more

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