The story of how a family gave away their belongings, moved into their RV, quit their job, traveled, ran out of money, and are starting over.  Learn what we learned, be inspired with us, and start your own search for peace and grace.

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Launch When Ready or Not Launch!

So are you ready?  Are you ready to live the life you want to live?  Well too bad if you are not ready!  Life is happening anyway! Sit back in your comfort zone and get ready.  Or go do something to make your dreams come true.  Failure is not an ending.  Failure is a... read more

A World of Uncertainity

So after I wrote the last blog post in February, I decided I better do some research.  I actually started writing some blog posts.  I started making videos for a youtube channel.  Then I got a side job.  Well – I thought – I better finish the job so I can... read more

Here We Are, Born To Be Free

I have seen a lot of unusual activity in parking garages since moving to the South.  Maybe it is only the parking garage I normally use when going downtown, but I am assuming this is just normal activity for the South. A few days ago I saw the entire front end removed... read more

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