a cart full of memories

This picture is not a bunch of food.  This picture is a cart of memories.  One of the things I miss most since going on the road is Meal Swap.

Meal swap is this: 2 families make meals for each other.  We did Wednesday and Thursdays with our friends the Giganticals!

On Wednesdays Mrs. Gigantical made a meal enough for both our families.  Sometimes it was take out pizza, sometimes it was salad, sometimes it was steak.  We would arrive at suppertime, eat, and leave.  Sometimes we would spend the evening hanging out, sometimes we would leave as soon as the ice-cream dessert was finished.

On Thursdays the Giganticals showed up at our house for a meal.  Sometimes it was cereal, sometimes it was tofu, and sometimes it was breakfast burritos.  Sometimes the Giganticals showed up early and went swimming.  Sometimes they stayed late and watched some movies.

Neither family ever helped the other family cook or clean!

We essentially turned each others homes into open house moments for both families.  We didn’t entertain each other.  We didn’t clean our houses for each other.

You came because you were family and you were expected to be there for dinner.

There were always things that got in the way of meal swap: church, activities, other friends.  We all just made meal swap the most important thing to our families.  We hosted and went even when it was inconvenient.

If something happened and we missed a meal, we didn’t owe each other anything.  The next week continued as normal.  I remember both of us hosting our meals and the family not being able to host because of work or other obligations.  It didn’t matter.  It wasn’t a game of numbers or one-upmanship.  It was just sharing our lives together.

No pretensions or shows.  Just who you are.

We actually stopped meal swap at the end of summer 2013, about 6 months before we hit the road.  We stopped meal swap because it turned into House Swap instead.  We ended up not doing meal swap because we ended up just constantly being together.  Why just swap a meal when we were already living together?

It is with this memory that I am putting up a new button on my sidebar.  If you are in the area around us, let us know!  We want to have meal swap with you!  We are not going to entertain you.  We will, however, sit down and have a meal with you.  We will share a bit of life together.

So check our map and let us know where you are!  We would love to have you over for Meal Swap!  Call or text me at 920-889-0685, email me at me@brenthomer.com or use the following contact form:

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