When we travel in new directions we often need to relay on our GPS.  Gas and time are expensive.  Why waste 2 days of your week long vacation looking for that special spot?  Fire up Google Maps.  Look at an atlas.  Program your GPS (I love Navigon if anyone cares).

The first time I used a GPS I didn’t want to trust it.  I remember after ignoring it a few times (and then getting lost) my wife started to saying “just trust the GPS”.

For the young whipper-snappers who read this blog, you don’t know how scary a gps was when they came out.  The gps told you to do things, and you didn’t know how smart the gps was.  It was a learning process.

About a month ago I wrote about how I was wrestling with God and trying to determine what was next in my life.  I finally came up with a great idea and have been working on it.

I built out a website framework.  I have been building out the backend.  I wrote content.  I have been busy.

For whatever reason I decided that this time I would try something new.  I decided that I wouldn’t just research and implement.  I would start sharing my idea with others.  I started asking as many people as I could about my idea.

I need this business to work.  I wanted to find some people succeeding in the same space and learn something!

A few weeks ago my best friend Gigantical put me in contact with someone I didn’t know.  He was someone who was succeeding in a business that had a similar structure and model that I was hoping to have.

After a few delays we talked online.  He heard a little about my story.  He heard about my business.  Then he told me I was doing it wrong.

He explained to me my entire approach was incorrect.  He gave me ideas and I came up with some corrections.  He then gave me some challenges I can aim for.

After the call I was both elated and scared.  I was elated because I had next steps.  I had direction.

I was scared because my mind, my brain, and my experiences told me he was wrong.

I have been thinking about what he said about my direction.  What he said about my plans.

It made me think of that gps.  The gps was right.  I was wrong.  My senses lied lied to me.

This afternoon I realized an important truth.

He was successful in the field.  I was not.

One of my favorite sayings is “The You of tomorrow is the same You of today.  The only thing that will change the You of tomorrow are the people you meet and the media you consume.

Someone who knows what they are doing took an hour of his life and told me some truth.  I don’t have to listen.  Maybe I don’t want to listen.

Today I have decided I really am going to listen.  I am going to listen to some new directions.

Are you reading blogs about RVing?  Are you reading blogs about how to make money on the road?  When you see someone in their RV do you say hello and introduce yourself?

If you want to make a change for your life, look at your friends, look at your contacts.  Are they all living an equalized lifestyle?  The same income and debt and lifestyle that you are?  Find some new contacts.  Take a chance.

Have some faith in yourself.  Read some books or blogs on making money.  Listen to some podcasts to expand your mind.  Put new information and data in your life.

If you don’t know if living in an RV is good for your family.  Read this blog.  I talk about the problems with RV living all the time!  Read other peoples blogs, they have a completely different viewpoint and even more insight.

It is extremely hard to not listen to your senses.  Your senses are super helpful.   Fear helps save you in bad situations.  Your sight helps to keep you from falling.

The problem is that sometimes your senses are not truthful.  You can have bad perceptions about yourself.  You can have wrong perceptions about your reality.

Just because you feel like you are facing North, does not mean you are facing North.

Do you want to live in an RV?  Work mobile?  Life differently?  Find the people doing it.  Find the people who are succeeding at what you want to succeed at.

People who succeed are almost always people who help.

If you are going into a job you hate this week, then make sure you take the first step to fix your problem.  Find someone with the job you want and ask them how to make it happen for you.

I didn’t say the answer they give you will be one you like or agree with.  They will almost always tell you the truth about what it takes to succeed.

You will just have to decided if you want to listen.

Have questions?  I will tell you what I know…..


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A GPS For Your Life
One of my favorite sayings is "The You of tomorrow is the same You of today. The only thing that will change the You of tomorrow are the people you meet and the media you consume."
Brent Homer
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