Ah yes,  RV LIFE.  So romantic.  It is about minimalism.  It is about being self-sufficient.  It is about unplugging from the world.

And after a few years you realize you really want to play fallout 4.

For the last 2 weeks our family has not been watching Netflix in the evening.  We have each been patiently awaiting our next turn with the Playstation 4.

The boy and I both have wanted a video game system for awhile, but with the release of Tracy’s favorite video game of all time getting a sequel, we finally caved.

So what makes having a Playstation 4 a great video game system for RVers?

For starters, the super expensive accessory: The Playstation Vita.

The PSVita has unique way to interface with the PS4.  The PS4 generates its own unique hotspot so the PSVita can connect without an active internet connection.  When both consoles are connected, the PS4 can steam the video game to the handheld console.

That means when the little ones are in bed, the big kids can be playing ultra – awesome video games and not disturb the house.  Or when someone wants to watch television, someone else can still be playing video games.

Granted, this ends up being extremely expensive because you have to buy two different consoles.  The good news for us was we ended up having a PSVita that I had hung onto for the last 2 years.

I will give some quick pointers for setting things up.

Things to think about before you buy a console:

  • Frist of all you need to call to your electrician in Perth to get a consultation according your wire voltage in house.
  • If you are going to get a console, you need to find a place to put it.  This actually is a pain in RV life.  We have no idea where the PS4 is going to live.
  • You will need an HDMI port.  Our TV had to come out of the wall to hook up a HDMI connector.  It was a pain!  Many RV entertainment systems still are not run with HDMI, so this may not be a trivial matter for you.  Chances are if you RV has a flatscreen, it has an HDMI port.  The bad part is you may have to do some work to access it.
  • These consoles are power hogs.
  • These consoles are data hogs.

Tips for operating the Playstation 4 Console

  • The first time you sync the PS4 and the Vita together, you have to have both of them connect to the internet.  This is because Sony keeps track of what consoles are paired together.  After the initial pairing, neither console needs internet access.
  • Make sure you have “connect to internet” unchecked on the PS4.  Data is expensive, and this console loves to automatically log into everything and download updates.
  • When using remote play locally, make sure the PS4 is selected to let the PSVita connect without using the internet.
  • Make sure you are not using the microwave.  It really messes with the PS4 and PSVita link.
  • When using the PS4 and PSVita together without using the internet, make sure you have disabled the PS4 from going online.  The wifi gets really slow if the PS4 is downloading data and trying to stream a game to the PSVita.
  • In order to get the PS4 to a parks hotspot splash screen, don’t use the internet browser.  The browser built into the PS4 does not support forwarding, so the campground wifi cannot forward you to the signing page.  Instead go to settings and open the help window.  This window allows redirects and will usually let you sign into a campground hotspot.  This is not an intuitive function!

The Playstation Vita and Playstation 4 console do a good job working together.  The PSVita is not as nice as a regular controller and television, but its better then nothing.  One of the biggest deals about having a family and a RV is that you all have to compromise and share.

The PSVita isn’t as good as using the regular PS4 controller, but at least you get to play some of your beloved games if gaming is your thing!

I still don’t know how I feel about having a console.  I do know that I love driving through the desert and pretending to be Mad Max when it is my turn to play.  I guess I see that for us, playing video games is a replacement for TV, not an addition to TV, so for our family it is ok for now.

the boy in a videogame coma


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A Playstation 4 an RV Household
So what makes having a Playstation 4 a great video game system for RVers?
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