So after I wrote the last blog post in February, I decided I better do some research.  I actually started writing some blog posts.  I started making videos for a youtube channel.  Then I got a side job.  Well – I thought – I better finish the job so I can talk about making extra money.  Then I implemented lots of the steps – I was trying to get things in order so I could test them.  Then I did something.  Then I did something else.

Then 8 weeks pass and I have written nothing.

In my rush to talk about getting ready for a full-time income I found myself chest-deep in process.  I found myself too stuck to bring you with me.

Inspite of it all, I kept exploring, and talking, and researching.  I couldn’t make myself write.

So today I force words to come out.  To end the procrastination.

And I shift my focus  a little.  I won’t be answering the plan of my last post for a while.

I started this blog because I wanted to travel full-time in my RV.  I still do.

We also found and fell in love with a community.  We found Knoxville.  We found friends.  We found hope.  We found a renewed relationship with each other, and with God.

I don’t know how it will work, but Knoxville is our Home.  RV living and traveling is still our goal, but  Knoxville is going to be our community.

And we can make it happen.

Instead of listening to reason.  Instead of following protocol.  We bought an RV.

We minimized our life.  We took risk.  We left our old-selves behind, and we started over.

In a community of over 200,000 people we find people honking hello to us on our commute.  We run into friends we only ever met once at various restaurants and shops.  We constantly meet new friends.  We constantly have new adventures.

It is because we risked.  We still have many compromises we have to deal with.  400 square feet is not always a bonus.  Thankfully we took the risk.  We left what was not good and found something better.

RV life brought us to a new place we can call home.  Our little family all love it.  We found God.  We found each other.

In a world of uncertainty, RV homeownership was the key that allowed us to find something better.

I have a blog here that is full of written mishaps, uncertainty, depression, joy, and adventure.

All of my writings are tied to the central theme of RV home ownership.

This RV life is not what I wanted.  I wanted to travel and see the world.  I still want to see everything.  I still will see everything.

It is often said that a journey is not the destination.  That the journey is the trip itself.  That is what I am taking you on.  The trip.  We are not taking the path I wanted to drive.  We are not taking the roads I picked.

But we are on a journey and I still think it is exciting.

So why am I telling you this?

I think it is mostly because I need to remind myself.  I think having a blog is a great way to meet people and give your own life a framework and a context.  It is like a photo album that actually says something.

I also tell you what is happening because I want you to keep on this journey with me.

I am taking even more big risks.

This year we are looking for land to purchase.  I don’t know if I can.  I don’t really make enough money right now, but we are starting to look.  The right plot of land in the right location would be awesome.  We already have a tiny house with our RV.  Now we just need a home for the Outlaw.

I am also starting a business.  If it works we will get to do a lot of travel.  Maybe not the free spirited traveling I always dreamed of, but it would be a grand enough adventure that we would all be happy.

I am not ready to reveal my new project yet, but it should be able to produce a great living wage for 4-10 families.  It should be able to provide significant money to Eastern Tennessee, both the government and the people.

It will combine lots of hobbies and passions I have.  It will help my family.  My community.  My friends.

I think that is one reason why RV living is so awesome.  In a world full of so much uncertainty, having a home on wheels allows you to be where you need to be.  If my business idea works, I can always be relocating to the most optimal spots.  If my business idea fails, I can always find a cheaper place to live.

If you found this blog and you are put off by the fact I don’t get to travel much – that is ok.  Just don’t rush to judge so fast.  Look through these posts.  See what daily life really is about.

I have a few trips planned this year.  I have lots of adventures to tell you about.

This blog will continue its tradition of not being full of campground reviews.  It won’t be full of restaurant reviews.  It will be full of adventures about life, God, family, and just surviving.

I am pretty excited about my upcoming posts.  I will also post about my advice for finding work.  I will bring you with me.

2016 is going to be awesome.  Even if everything I plan fails, I don’t care.  I can’t wait to see what God reveals and shows this god.  I can’t wait to see whats next.

Here are some pictures from the adventures I am going to be sharing with you:

overlook lake view pavement ends minifalls tailgate cooking accoustic playing


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A World of Uncertainity
In a world of uncertainty, RV homeownership was the key that allowed us to find something better.
Brent Homer
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