Space does sometimes get a bit tight when you live in a small space.  Breakfast can be one of those times.

We have started to let the boy sleep in a bit more.  This gives us a chance to get our breakfast made.

When the boy wakes up and tries to crowd around our 3 inches of counter space it can be a bit much.

The boy doesn’t notice how tight the space is in the morning.  He does notice the space in the evening when he realizes he has to help with dishes.

Lately breakfast has been brought to a new level with the cold weather.  It’s sort of fun to gaze across the booth and see steam from the hot food come pouring out of our mouthes.

We finally had to bust out an electric heater to get us thru the mornings and the evenings.  With the weather dipping into the low 30’s we need something to help keep the chill off.  We don’t want to start running the propane heater yet because of money and the electric heater seems to do the job fine.

We are still putting the finalization on our winter preparation.  Ordering the skirting is next on our todo list.

We are also continuing to work on our finances.  Things are really tight with Tracy taking classes.   Once we see how money works out in the next week or 3 we can figure out how too fix our car.

So that is what has been up in RV world.

Don’t kill each other fighting for breakfast space


Wait for money to get better.



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