The mobile palace is parked about 30 yards from my parents dream retirement home in Pennsylvania.  My parents live in the middle of a 220 acre family farm, and the house is built on the foundation of the barn.  Every morning I look out and see rows of crops waiting to be harvested, acres of woods surrounding the property that are turning majestic in color, and I see our cat sitting in the window of our RV wondering where we all are!

We moved into the lower suite at my parents home for 2 weeks.  Tracy has slowly been giving our house a deep clean that can only happen when everyone is gone.  My mom has been making meals worthy of a food channel show, and I have been taking every opportunity possible to drive my Land Cruiser over the non planted portions of the farm.

I will admit that I am enjoying the unlimited hot water feature of a non-RV shower.  I forgot how wonderful a shower can be when it is over 5 minutes long!

With all the travel and la-de-da of the last few weeks I never did get around to talking about all the things we did in Kentucky.

Tracy’s drove by to escape the Wisconsin cold and experience the more pleasant weather of Kentucky.  They rented a trailer at the campground.  It was nice that every day we could walk to each other’s house and visit.

puzzle1 puzzle2

My father-in-law took my boy and showed him some of his handyman skills.  The boy helped hook up the rear skirt of the RV.  Everything looks brand new again.

rvrepair unhook

We also took an afternoon to visit Mammoth Cave.  I wished we would have walked further into the cave, but it was a lot of fun!  It was fascinating to see how large it was.  I was surprised that the park service had put pavers on the ground to walk on.  A few geologists were ripping up sections of the pavers to see what artifacts had been covered over.  The geologists were finding parts of old torches and tools.  So far over 400 miles of the cave have been documented and plenty more of the cave remains to be seen.  The ranger said that remnants of artifacts from early man where found up to 40 miles inside the cave.  I wished I was skinny enough to sneak into the cave and explore it all on my own!

cave entrance cave3 cave1 cave2

We spent about 4 days traveling across Kentucky and West Virginia on our way to Pennsylvania.  We made a pit stop in West Virginia to visit Fort Necessity.  Apparently George Washington was almost killed here.  It was dumb luck he managed to live through the experience.  I was surprised it was even called a fort.  The fort was hastily thrown together and was a huge mistake.  The French and the Indians totally owned General Braddock and George Washington.  Braddock didn’t make it thru the war and ended up getting buried in the mud under a road.

The fort was fun to visit and learn about, but of course we really stopped because we wanted to get another stamp in our National Parks Passport Book!

fort1 fort2 fort3 fort4

Travel mostly consisted of us all oohing and ahhing over all the scenery.  Kentucky has come amazing roads.  The hills and valley’s of West Virginia never stopped impressing.  Tracy said I dove under a bridge that only had a 12foot clearance.  Our RV is 13 feet tall.  She said she was sure I hit the bridge, but the top of RV continues to look great!  I think she misread the sign!

We had no Harvest Host locations on our trip so we ended up wallydocking the entire trip.

We have one more week left at the house.  I am still hoping I find a job this week.  If I don’t we are picking a community south of here.  Some place where we won’t have to spend $100/week on propane.  We will both just get entry level / seasonal jobs while we look.  I managed to go almost 6 months, but the money isn’t going to last forever!  Keep on praying for us as we look.

I have applied for a job almost daily for the last 2 weeks.  Hopefully I will get a call back soon from one of them.  I talked to a few recruiters and hiring managers.  Apparently many of the software services used to collect resumes are set to automatically reject resumes not in the immediate area.  Hiring managers do not want to deal with relocation.  I am slowly contacting all the jobs I applied for to let them know I am moving into their neighborhood just so I can get my resume read.

Tonight Tracy and I are going to try and pick a location to move next.  If I get a job that starts immediately Tracy is going to take the boy to New York City without me.  She will then catch up to me later.  If I don’t find anything then NYC is off the table for right now.

Everything is a little scary right now, but at the same time we are debt free (except for our RV payment), and we are both hardworking and industrious enough I know we won’t starve or lose our home.  We just might have to work at a menial for a while while I look.

I think we are both looking forward to moving into a new community.  It’s exciting to start over and see everything with new, fresh, and rested eyes.  I can’t wait to see how it’s all going to work out!

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