So how was Christmas in the RV? I don’t really know for sure. We woke up, opened up a few little presents, and locked the RV up. We loaded up the Land Cruiser. Met up with some friends and drove 2 hours away to a hotel.

At the hotel we are gorging ourselves on tons of food. We are swimming. We are having unlimited hot showers! We will eat free complimentary breakfast, and generally do as little as possible!

We are day one of 3 into Christmas vacation (dubbed HD Christmas). Tracy has determined that we have slothful enough for one vacation so we will actually be doing something other than nothing tomorrow. I don’t know if that means breakfast is enough of an activity, but we will find out.

Gifts were fairly minimal this Christmas.. We made a lot of hipster gifts and gave them out to friends and co-workers.

I thought I would be sad if I didn’t get a lot of gifts, but I am very happy with what I did receive.

I read a few other RV blogs with families with kids talk about their experiences. They all seem to have a commonality. Hang with friends, Hang with family, Do something to remember.

We will remember this experience. It is simple, it is fun, it will be a memory worth keeping.

Why fuss in the kitchen? Why fret over guests? Just meet everyone some where and hang out!

Of course it did take some planning. The wives (thanks Tracy and Audrey!) did a great job preparing snacks and other tasty goodies.

Tracy managed to figure out how we are going to come up with summer rent. I came up with some possible land cruiser configurations for the RTW trip.

All in all we are having a restful fun Christmas week!

Be safe and have a merry Christmas!


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