trashy lawn

So we didn’t just park this mobile palace in a campground.  No way!  We parked it in an RV Resort!  You need a background check.  You get a gate key.  You get stern looks from older people wondering why you parked your trashy class A next to their luxurious immobile park model that is surrounded by an immaculate lawn.

Nope.  Not only do we wear our pajamas and take night walks around the place we have hit an all time low in lawn maintenance.

We are talking empty propane containers.  Unsecured carpet blowing around.  A table cloth on the picnic table that is only held by an empty  terra-cotta planter.  A pile of unsorted trash.  Lots of weeds and dandelions.  Empty plant containers hanging off various ledges and nooks.  Hoses and a rain gutter are sitting on the other side of the RV for no reason at all.

It won’t be long until you hear this guy talking about his tanks.

We better hurry up and fix the place up.  Last year we showed up in June and there were teenagers who would mow our lawn for us.  This year we won’t find some malcontent entrepreneur who will mow for a few more weeks.

Lawn care wasn’t one of the things I was looking forward to with full-time RV living.  I guess that everything has hidden costs and agendas.

I wonder if I could move from lot to lot?  I will just wait until maintenance mows an empty lot and then drive over to that spot.  Maybe I could move from camping spot to comping spot rather then occupy a seasonal spot?  I don’t think that would fly, but it should would keep the in-laws guessing as to where we would be living!

Today the temperatures dropped from 70’sF to the 50’sF in less then hour.  Tomorrow it should be thunder storming, but that is ok.  The pull is opening and I plan on being at the gate by 10:30am to take a swim.  If the pool is freezing I will walk the 1/2 mile up the road to soak in the hot tub.

There is lots of work to do around here, but it can all wait until swimming is over.  And Netflix.  And my day off.  So maybe the middle of next week I will get right on this and take care of all this garbage….

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