When you have an RV you want to go places. It’s just a natural side effect of having a home on wheels. This summer we moved into our RV full-time and I came to a horrible realization. Wherever we go, we stay at an RV park. And all RV parks – no matter what state – are pretty much the same. Combine that with the fact that we do not yet tow a car, and that means all places we go largely will be the same!

So that had me thinking. Where can a person go with an RV that makes you grateful you have an RV.

Here is my list so far:

  • Any state / national park in the winter: You feel like you are cheating nature by warm and toasty while it is snowing outside.
  • Western America BLM Land: You need a self-contained unit with a bathroom to enjoy a stay out in the middle of nowhere!
  • Quartzsite RV Gathering: 100,000+ RVers in the middle of the desert – a must see.
  • Burning Man: like Quartzsite but with younger crazy people instead of older retired people 😉
  • At a campground that has packed sand so you are at a waterline on a beach.
  • Outside a major city like New York or San Francisco with a view of the skyline and public transportation access to the sites.
  • At an auto race track with a view of the track.
  • At Yellowstone National Park when it is closed for bear attacks.
  • The Albuquerque Balloon Fest
  • A NASA space launch
  • Tailgating at a pro and college game

All those destinations are cool. I have done a few. It is my RV destination bucket list (so far).

I do have a few more ideas:

  • Your kids after school sports / event: You can sit in the RV and be warm until the game starts. Then celebrate on site after.
  • Work remotely for the afternoon in the RV. Drive down to a lake or other scenic place to make your phone calls and do busy work.
  • Take your family to the beach – nothing like having your own private showers.
  • Use it at your local parade. Camp out next to your spot.
  • Major Holidays in town. Why fight traffic after the 4th fireworks? Just sleep in the parking lot.
  • Working late? Use it sleep overnight rather than commuting home.
  • Working late a lot? Park it in the work lot and eat supper / lunch with your family or spouse.
  • Use it as guest quarters – privacy and a bath!
  • Emergency shelter – keep it watered & gassed up for the ultimate prepper vehicle.
  • Short on money? Staycation – just camp in your driveway or the local state park.
  • Use your RV as the ultimate car pool vehicle for fun shopping or day trips with friends.

When you look at an RV it is easy to only see your 2 or 3 weeks of vacation time. After you get your RV you seem to find a lot more uses for it!

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