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It’s been a busy week here in Sioux Falls.  Summer weather finally found us.  All week we swam in humidity and sweat.  We have free electric here but we keep the windows and doors open instead of letting the air conditioner run.

As I sit on the couch things are changing.  A cool breeze has suddenly swept over the motorhome.  Rain is loudly beating against the roof.  Lighting highlights the sky and thunder echoes across the city.

It is peaceful.  It makes me feel creative.

That is how I feel about Sioux Falls right now.  Peacefulness.  Creativity.

The boy works on his homework.  I looked over a few days ago and I see him sitting underneath the table working on his history worksheet.  Sometimes he sits on the front chair, feet on the dashboard, scribbling furiously on a project.

Tracy makes daily runs to the grocery store.  Rather than plan for meals weeks in advance she just takes care of the day.  We will be here long enough that she signed up for grocery store reward points.  In addition to coordinating all of our household chores she makes sure she spends the days working on her courses for her theoretical physics degree.

Since we had internet hooked up we managed to catch back up on the Cosmos TV show.  Tracy was reminded how many great discoveries have been made by people without the education we all think we need.  Even I am inspired by the discoveries and experiments that are revealing the secrets of our universe to us.

I have spent the last week creating a new e-book.  I begin the rewriting and revision work this week.  The book is about how to hear from God and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.  Sometimes we put way too much energy into things that are simple.  I hope this e-book will help you focus to be the person God wants you to be.

I am working on another website.  The website will be done in a few more days and I will let you know about it.  The website will be the storefront for my speaking and writing career.  I’ll share more as I finalize all the bells and whistles!

I have been spending 8am to 5pm everyday creating.  Making something from nothing.  Every day Tracy says “What are you doing to put money into our tire account today?”

I want to panic sometimes.  Then I read my Bible and I am comforted.  I am learning to be patient.  I am learning to listen.

I am learning how to live in a natural rhythm.  How to not work 24 hours a day.  How to take a real sabbath with my family.  How to just go to church and worship.

Moving out into a new state has been a rebirth for all of us on some level.

A place were nothing is familiar is a place where everything can be examined.  Even a trip to the grocery store requires an awakening of your thoughts and senses that you have not used in a long time.

We drive through town and see a snake oil salesman pitching miracle cures like someone from the 1800’s would.

The laundry didn’t dry so every overhang inside the RV gets turned into a place to dry clothes.

We finish up a year long cribbage championship game were I soundly crush Tracy for the year.

We meet new friends and schedule meet-ups.  We invite old friends over for meals.

We see amazing restaurants, stores, and tours we can’t wait to indulge in.

We are learning to experience all over again.

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