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So last week my pal Gigantical sent me a link to an iOS app called Phoster.  I downloaded it, because at the time, the app was free.  I thought all the templates and designs were neat, but I didn’t really have an ultimate purpose to use the app.

I was impressed with the designs enough that I showed the app to Tracy.  She said I should make a poster for her lock screen on her iPhone 4.

Hey! That seems like a great idea!

I scoured the net for some Land Cruiser pictures.  I found the “We Can Live Our Dreams” picture someplace on google I can’t find and give credit too.   I ultimately decided that I didn’t like this picture because the Cruiser didn’t look how I envisioned my car to look like on our journey.

I found the other Land Cruiser picture on Expedition Portal.  My first take was “Believe”, but the text was not legible on an iPhone lock screen.  My 2nd attempt, “These Things Take Time” looks great on my phone.  The Land Cruiser looked how I envision my Cruiser to look like when we leave.  It also is at a location (The Atacama Desert) we want to someday visit.

It may seem like the whole project was a waste of time, but it has transformed my decision making.

Every time I check my phone for the time, or to use an app, I am reminded of our trip.  I had to purchase somethings for the house, and when I pulled out my phone to see the shopping list, I was reminded that my expenditures were preventing me from purchasing the things I really wanted.

I think if you are pursuing a big dream, a motivational lock screen is a great way to remind yourself of your goals.

Go ahead and find a picture of the RV you are dreaming of buying, and turn it into a motivational work of art for your phone!

I am surprised that it changed my attitude, but it has done a great job of keeping my dreams at the forefront of my mind.

Let me know if it works for you!

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