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Last night we had Curtis over for supper from Poor Man’s RV life.  We love meeting new people when we travel around.  You would think that meeting new people would be easy, but I feel like in the RV world, it is a little more difficult then it should be.

People have a tendency to stay inside their RVs.  Why not?  The RV is air-conditioned, has a clean bathroom, and all your toys!  A good RVer ignores their neighbor, stays quiet, and never cuts thru a camp site.

So we where pretty excited when Curtis agreed to come over for a meal and a visit!

Curtis is  a long time RVer and a car camping expert.  He also is a great writer.  I think I picked his brain about writing and social media as much as we talked about RVing and full-timing.

If you are not subscribed to Poor Man’s RV life you should.  He is just starting out the full-time  RV part of his journey so he is bound to have a lot of great stories.  I can’t wait to see where he ends up as he escapes the cold winter clutches of the Duluth area and heads towards warmer weather.

So thanks for stopping over Curtis!  I am a little sad I didn’t take any pictures, but what can you do?  I think I feel dumb asking people to take pictures with me.

So good luck on your journey, Curtis!  Hope we meet up again sometime – hopefully it will be someplace warm and not up North!

P.S. – Picture looks understated, but all of Duluth is on a massive hill.  All the roads feel like you are going to fall down the hill and land in lake Superior.  When you drive up the hill you feel like your vehicle may pop-a-wheelie!  I used this picture because I never took a picture of or with Curtis!


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