Our household has been pretty crazy.  We all are clicking and working.  It is pretty interesting to see the results of just a year.  We are motivated.  We have energy.  We want change.  It wasn’t that long ago we were all battling minor depression.

Honestly I can’t say it enough:  If you have a dream you should go for it.  Screw your pension.  Screw fear.

I can’t believe it took me two years to have the guts to jump all the way.  Once I realized my old life was stuck I should have bolted.  We just all needed to get stressed out enough to take the risk.

In the last 2 months both Tracy and I’s parents had major hospital visits.  Heart attacks, growths, fevers, whatever else.  It doesn’t matter.  If you are waiting to live later you are just gambling with fate.  Why have a some good years?  Why not have all good years?

I have really realized that I want back on the road.  I have no idea how to make it happen, but I am jealous of all the snow birds deriving through here on the way to Florida.  I am jealous of the younger families I meet with internet based businesses that allow them to roam.

I am going to make that happen.  I wanted to attempt some recordings today for my new business, but it has been down pouring.  If you live in an RV you know what that means.  Its an amazingly soothing sound and just doesn’t play well with a microphone.  My goal is to get my Internet class complete by the end of the month and launch.

I did realize I do not really have any advisors or mentors.  I have been watching my new boss a lot.  It is a smaller company so I can see better how he operates and makes the business run.  I realized I don’t have a lot of entrepreneur friends, so I have been reaching out to as many people as I can to get introductions.  I have been listening to podcasts after work, and reading blogs about audience building.

I could ask to take my current job mobile, but I really don’t make enough money already to fully support us, so traveling would only make things worse.  Plus my company isn’t really built out all the way for my job to be mobile.  I could see it working out in the next year or so, but that will be quite a ways off.

I realized we are coming up to our 1 year anniversary in Tennessee and I have been working at the same place for 6 months.  That is pretty awesome.  Everyone is officially registered in Tennessee except for me.  I still am walking around with a Wisconsin drivers license.

The reality is we failed forward.  It easy to screw up your life.  And its easy to fail.  You just need to accept the fact that failing isn’t bad.

I talk with people in India on a regular basis.  Those guys can’t afford to fail.  They mess up to much, dieing on the street is a real possibility.  Here in America?  If you fail, then ou have to take some free government money.  Heck, we are cashing in Obama care right now.  We managed to get better doctors and better health care being poor then we did being employed.

We were so paranoid of being poor, yet being poor was exactly what we needed to get our hustle lit up.

I am not going to say living in an RV will make you a better person, but I will say that I feel like it did for us.  The small space forces us to work out problems, confront fear, and not let bad behavior slide.  You don’t get to pout in another room here.  Here you deal with your crap.  You learn to humble yourself inform of your spouse and kid and apologize.  You learn that when big emotions come up, you don’t shelter your kid, you teach him how to deal with it.  You all deal with your problems together like a real family.

When I got the news my mom had a giant something in her, I had tears in my eyes.  I didn’t get to take that call in another room.  I took it where my kid could see.  He can see his dad cry.  He can see how to be emotionally healthy.  He can learn about life.  He is a big boy.

If I am being a jerk, My wife is going to tell me.  And my kid gets to hear.  He gets to learn how to confront, apologize, and not be a jerk himself.

Is living in an RV hard?  Yes.  Yes it is.  Is it worth it?  For us, right now, yes it is.

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Driving Towards Change
Honestly I can't say it enough: If you have a dream you should go for it. Screw your pension. Screw fear.
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