We are in the middle of a series on How I Wrecked My Life on ways to earn some money on the road.  Even if you don’t feel like you have special skills, you are sure to find some tasks to earn some extra money.  Special guest poster Ginger will be making a couple of posts here.  Ginger makes extra money by writing online for various services.  She writes for her blog, RVWanderlings, and has an excellent Facebook Page worth following.


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If you like posting on forums, commenting on blogs, and interacting with people online, it is a nice bonus to earn a little bit of extra money for doing it. It’s important to be aware that forums pay for posts to add activity and content that appears normal and on-topic for the forum. This activity makes the forum more appealing to new members that find it organically. They do not want spam posts or posts that are off-topic. Luckily, so many forums need posters that it is possible to find forums with familiar topics.

There are several sites that allow you to work as a forum poster.

  • Postloop – This is one of the oldest and most respected of the forum content sites. They offer both forums posting and blog commenting services. Minimum payout threshold is 100 points which equals $5. You can cashout at any point after you hit that threshold and there is no maximum amount of times you can cashout. http://www.postloop.com/
  • The Forum Wheel – This is a much newer company than Postloop and was started by someone who wasn’t completely happy with Postloop. They have fewer forums available and some of the forums are the same as Postloop but nothing prevents you from working for both sites. They pay reliably and unlike postloop, there is no minimum payout amount. You can cashout to paypal at any time. http://theforumwheel.com/
  • Paid Forum Posting – This company offers forum posting only and very strict standards for grammar and content – http://www.paidforumposting.com/content/

The basics for signing up for all three sites are the same. You register for the site, then register for the ‘test’ forum of that site where you make a set number of posts, and for Postloop and The Forum Wheel you must then sign up to post for the trial site by following the instructions on the site. When you post to the test forum, it is important to follow a few rules because the sites do not give a second chance to make the test posts.

  1. Use your best grammar, spelling, and capitalization. Do not use text abbreviations or LOL-cat style writing or anything else that isn’t standard English. There seems to be a preference for american spellings in the test forums, though some of the individual forums request british spellings.
  2. Make relevant comments that add value to the thread. Do not just post “me too” style posts. Each post should be a paragraph or two in length with multiple sentences. Do not post anything spammy or advertising.
  3. Start threads in addition to just posting in the threads of others. Again, the threads should be relevant and add value to the board. A good ratio of threads started to posts in other threads is usually 1:4 or 1:5.
  4. Once you have made your trial posts, stop posting on the trial board. Do not make additional posts. They are testing your ability to follow instructions.

From your initial posts, you will get a rating. That rating controls whether you get additional bonus points beyond the base level for posts that you make. It also controls the forums and blogs you can register for because owners can set a minimum user rating to work for them. Later, owners will rate you for themselves and your ratings can change.

After you receive your initial rating, you’re ready to choose some forums and for postloop, some blogs. You have to register at each individual site and then go back to the forum posting site to register as a poster by giving them your username. They use an algorithm that checks the post count of usernames to credit your points for posting. It is most efficient to register for a list of sites initially. Then check the list again on a regular basis to see if new forums have been added.

Each forum has a maximum number of posts per day. You don’t get points past that number of posts. I’m going to use Postloop as my example but the other sites work pretty much the same. I log in first thing in the morning with my coffee and check which forums have points to pay. It changes often so be sure to check before posting. Then I go to the forum, create a thread or two, and then max out my post count. Each individual post only gives you 1-2 points so don’t spend too much time on any one post.

Paid forum posting and blog commenting is not a way to get rich quick or a way to earn a substantial income. It is cigarette money or a bit of spare change. My best earning rate has been around $1-$2 per hour depending how much I know about a particular subject. I have never earned more than $5 per day from Postloop, my highest earner, but others have reported spending larger amounts of time and earning $10-$15 in a day. You can post from any device so you can earn from a laptop, a tablet, or even your cell phone. I find the laptop to be fastest but sometimes using my phone allows me to earn in time that would otherwise have been idle, such as while my partner drives or while I wait in line.

I have been paid by all three forums but I currently only post for Postloop and The Forum Wheel. I personally find the policies and practices of Paid Forum Posting to be too much of a hassle for the small amount of pay but others have had success with them. They’re all worth a try to see which suits you best.

I am half of a couple in our 30’s. In the summer of 2014, we sold all of our stuff, quit our jobs, and bought an RV. We move only a few times per year and earn income with a mixture of online work, freelancing, in-person cash gigs, and temporary employment.  You can follow me at my blog and Facebook page.


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