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I sat down yesterday and made some plans for where we could move onto next.  Our original leave date in Duluth was this Friday.  Friday thru Sunday is when travel amateurs travel so we elected to extend out our stay here until Tuesday.  The downside to extending out our stay was we lose our full hookup spot.  We will have to move to an electric only spot.

This RV park is so nice that no one wants to leave.  If the front desk people ask you to move to an electric only site you will agree and be grateful you get to stay in the park at all.  The electric only sites have the best views in the park anyway!

Our ultimate goal is still to quit in Idaho.  We got accused by some friends of going the wrong way.  We told them we are still going to Idaho – we are just taking the really long way!

We are going to drive the top of Wisconsin into Michigan and down to Jackson, Michigan.  After Jackson we are going to possibly meet up with some people in Kentucky, and then head into Pennsylvania to visit with my parents.

I have some RV repairs and maintenance to do so I hope to get the stuff done while I am at my parents.  I need a big ladder and some of my country cousins know how to get some minor things done.  My big goal is to reseal/caulk the roof, wash the RV, and lube the slides and seals.

After visiting my parents we want to spend some time in New York City and visit my brother.  I found a great park right outside of Manhattan.  We will probably only stay for a week.  $80 a night is a bit too rich for our current status.

The boy has been begging to visit uncle Josh in NYC for over 2 years now.  I want to skip it because it is so expensive, but Tracy is just as excited to visit as the boy is.

Since it will be the start of Winter we want to start heading south at that point.  We will attempt to go to our first family Christmas at my sisters.  I didn’t bother asking if I could go yet, and I may end up feeling like Cousin Eddy from Christmas Vacation.  That is ok I guess!

After that we don’t have any real plans other than to get out of the sub 32F degree weather!

I would love to spend February in the South West, but who knows what is going to happen!

All I know is that we like to spend 3 or 4 weeks at each location.  We like to make friends with some locals, get familiar with some grocery stores, and restock and rotate our supplies at the thrift stores.

It takes time to make friends and get to know a community.  We left good friends in Sioux Falls and we will leave good friends in Duluth.

Leaving good friends is hard to do, but when you stay long enough to make some friends you know that enjoyed the best that an area had to offer.

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