In something of a surprise ending for ourselves, our families, and our friends we have closed out a chapter of our lives.

We have put in our notice at my job and we are moving out.

To where, to do what, and how, I have no idea!

In one of the chapters of my book I write about the process of hearing from God.  I have found the concept of reading the Bible to tune yourself  to hearing God’s voice to be a tool that has been indispensable to my life.

The issue many Christians face is they learn to hear from God.  That is all they do hear.

I want to do more than just hear.  I want to do what God asked.

I have felt for the last 2 or 3 years God has been gently telling me to trust him and go.

I think I was passive aggressively looking for a new job, trying to line up things, and take the next step.

The problem was God didn’t ask me to do any of that.

God asked me to go.

A few years ago I took a 2 week trip to India to help with wells and churches.  The leader of the trip said something very profound.  He said “God’s word is a lamp unto your feet, not a lighthouse illuminating your future.”

Another quote I heard this year was “You don’t need to fully understand for you to fully obey.”

Honestly I have an Evernote folder full of journals were I felt like God was asking me to trust him with one more step.

I don’t really understand what is next.  I just know that I am leaving behind a deep friendship, a lot of extended loving family members, and a church family I deeply care about.

Already I see changes happening at my work that wouldn’t have happened if I had stayed.  I am slowly starting to get excited and to push down my fear.  I am learning to expect God to meet me instead of hoping he will meet me.

My friend Gigantical told me to quit worrying so much.  He said I should quit looking at this step as one I should fear.  Instead I should look at my entire life and see how God has prepared me.  He told me to look at how many crazy things I have done already, and to look at how many more crazy things I still have desires to do.

I met a new friend this week who told me a little about a similar “Life Wrecked” story he went thru.  God is continuing to bring in new people to encourage me.  People who will help strengthen us and build us up.

You may want to sign up to get this blog sent to your email.  I might not be working a normal job for a while.  Expect lots of crazy stories, crazy travels, and crazy camp sites.

God doesn’t call us to live ordinary lives.  God loves us.  He wants us to engage him fully and to learn to live in his love and Grace.

That is enough for me.


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