Last Christmas we took a 1200 mile roundtrip out to visit my parents and see their new home.  It was beautiful and set up to entertain.  The lower level is set up so it can act like a mini-apartment for guests.  We spent a week in the house and it was awesome.

At first glance you have to see the square footage difference of our homes.  Our home is under 400 sqft, and my parents home is 2500+ sqft.

So what’s it like to have guest’s visit when you live in an RV?  For starters we don’t have a mini apartment for guests.  They sleep on a hide-a-bed or in a tent outside!

Also every RV floor plan will result in a different visitor experience.  Our floor plan only has one couch, while others have 2 couches or L-shaped sectionals.

The basic seating in our RV is 2 people on a couch, 2 people in the front seats, and some people on the floor!

People naturally don’t like sitting in the drivers seat when it is turned around and facing the living area.  We can’t really get the drivers seat in a comfortable spot.  The seat can’t really recline because of the steering wheel.

People do use the drivers seat – it’s just not a favorite.  We often find that people just sit awkwardly facing backwards in the dinette booth rather than sit on the drivers seat.

Overall having visitors is something that would seem to be awkward.  The floor plan isn’t as nice as a living room for entertaining, but its something that just naturally seems to work out. Living in an RV doesn’t mean you can’t have a bunch of people over – its just going to be different.

One of the nicer results of living in an RV is the kitchen and living area are together.  That means whoever is cooking isn’t left out.  Everyone experiences the whole dinner experience – from cooking to cleaning – everyone is together.

In all honesty I love the fact that the guest’s are not cut off from the kitchen – then they can feel a bit bad and help me clean the dishes!

You can say, “Can I help?”
My wife will say, “No – really its fine.”</div>
And I will interrupt and say “yes – don’t listen to her – go clean the dishes!”

The best guests are the ones that don’t listen to my wife……:)

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