So my very first book is out on Amazon for Kindle readers.  At some point I will get the book available for physical delivery as well.  That will probably take another few months as my vacation is just about over and I still haven’t play any video games or watched any Netflix movies I have wanted to see.

I wish I could go buy myself something expensive and extravagant, but we are still working until April on our giant debt pay down!  We will not be deterred!

Of course I just spent $45 on Scrivner so I could get my book made.  The good news is I love the program and will move a lot of my writing to it.  I just have to figure out how to get some cloud backup services going with it.  Nothing would make me cry more than losing an almost completed book!

I have gotten emails over the last year of this blog about people hoping to move into an RV.  They all have various issues that need to be resolved.  For some it is waiting for retirement.  For others it is debt reduction.  Sometimes it is waiting for spouse or family member approval.

This book is simple.  It is just a bunch of thoughts and tools to align yourself and your family to one vision and idea.

I promise to not keep doing blog posts on this subject in the future – just getting all the excitement of the new book out of my system!

The Book


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