finding happiness update

I just thought I would post up a little update about my book Finding Happiness.  I wrote a workbook you can download for free that helps frame up some of the questions the book asks.  So yeah – This post is a little bit showy and a bit of a brag!

I also had a friend preach a church service about values and goals this weekend.  It was pretty neat and at the end he mentioned by book and gave everyone links.  To hear his message you have to click on media and go the sermon called Two Houses on June 22nd.  Here is a link.

A lot of the people who read this blog follow along  because they crave adventure, they want to see how God is going to rescue us as we slowly start running out money.  People want to know that it is ok to be different.

It all starts with the simple act of writing down what you believe.

You can wish or you can act.  Faith isn’t an emotion, it is an action.

Finding Happiness isn’t just about living a life of feeling good.  Its about taking action to make your dreams come true.

I hope you have enjoyed it.  Get the workbook.  Get the book if you haven’t.  Enjoy!

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