Finding Happiness

The truth is that many people struggle with finding purpose, peace and happiness. This short book is designed to jumpstart you into leading a value lead life.
There are 1000’s of books about finding happiness and purpose. This book is merely an introduction to the subject. Finding Happiness is about taking a shortcut to get the process of happiness in your life started RIGHT NOW.

Every chapter includes suggested readings to other books that greater explain the science and reasoning behind the information I present.

Everyones life story is different. There is no single solution to everyone’s problems. This book is designed to provide a basic roadmap to get you started.

Resetting your life and finding meaning is not something to be taken lightly. It is intimidating to even starting the process of self-discovery.

The idea of this book is to bring order to your life, give you a format to focus your dreams, and learn to hear from God.

As you work your way through the book you will learn about other resources that may further inspire you. Take your time! Don’t do everything at once. You can read this entire book in just a short while, but it could take you weeks to work through the workbook.

Be inspired! Keep an open mind! Write down your thoughts and answers!

Tomorrow’s you is only better if Today you learns something new. Use this book as a stepping stone to start taking control of your own life right now!

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