frozen wetbay

What you are looking at is the wet bay of the RV. All that ice? That is grey water. I finally found the source of my leak!

The entire bay had frozen up and as the ice expanded and it pushed the grey tank valve open. It all ran out of the hose and onto the floor of the bin.

This is bad, but I am so glad I still haven’t had my big poop story yet!

I am also thrilled that it appears that I have no damage to repair. Winter is no joke, and I don’t have the money or time to deal with any expensive repairs.

I attempted to fix the wet bay. I put a space heater in there on high for about 2 hours. When I checked on the great ice melt, not a lot of ice had melted. I think that because of the temps in the low teens, the 1500 watt space heater just isn’t strong enough to melt it.

I am a bit scared because I have a 1500 watt ceramic heater sitting on some ice. I put a few thick chunks of lumber in, so that if the ice did melt, the heater would not fall into the water.

I could stand outside and freeze for hours on end, or I can just let the ice stay put. Everything works. I learned some valuable lessons on keeping my unit winter friendly – no harm no foul.

Well maybe a little grey water foul once that ice melts 😉

So I bought a 200-watt heater for the water bay, and I moved the 1500-watt heater to the wet-bay with sewer. I am a bit concerned about how powerful my 50amp power station is going to hold up. In addition to those heaters in the bay, I have a 1500 watt heater in the RV. Plus the microwave. Plus the lights. Plus whatever else gets plugged in.

Everything is working – so I will take what I can get. I get a bit agitated when I think about the ice in the wet-bay. I hate it when everything isn’t working at its peak.

Part of living in an RV is just accepting the fact that sometimes things are not perfect. I always have to remember that.

As long as the space heater doesn’t fall into a puddle and blow me up or something!

So it has taken a few weeks, but it appears I finally have my RV figured out for winter living. I imagine that things will be much easier next year.

I also realize that until I made the choice to full-time in a RV, I never would have been able to research and prepare enough. Sometimes you just have to go for it and see what happens.

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