Our View

Our View

We rolled into our campground in Kentucky late Thursday afternoon.  It was HOT!  The temperature was in the 90’s and the humidity was between 90-100% most of the day.  The boy and I had an allergy attack from the temperature difference from Michigan.

After the weekend was over the temperature dropped to the mid 70’s and now we don’t even need the air conditioning.  It is actually cool feeling.  In Michigan and Minnesota we had fired up the air conditioner in the high 70’s.  Now anything below 85 feels wonderful!

I am really liking our new campsite.  It has amazing wifi and connectivity.  Our T-Mobile phones have no data, but voice reception works excellent.  We don’t miss the data because our phones hook up just fine with the campground wifi and we have no connectivity problems.

Every hour or so a train rumbles by the campsite, but it is far enough away that you can hardly hear it.  I happen to think watching the large trains roll by is awesome so that counts as another campsite positive.  This campground also doesn’t have any seasonal campers.  Everyone is here bustling around seeing the sights.  No one is having rowdy parties at night.  You don’t have to walk your trash to a dumpster.  As long as your garbage is bagged and on the road by 10am they pick it up for you!  The laundry room is clean and cheap ($1.50 wash/dry) with very nice machines.

The owner is a nice guy, the volunteers are gracious,  and the lots and landscaping look like they belong on a golf course.

The park does have some camp fee craziness.  It has a per day fee for using the 30amp and 50amp socket together, even though you have to pay your own utilities.  It also has the dreaded friend tax – where you friends have to pay money to visit you at the site.  I understand the need to charge visitors, but if you don’t have fire rings, swimming pools, or consumable resources for your campers, then I will never understand charging guests for visiting your tenants.

The view out our front window is amazing.  All we see are farms on rolling hills.

Tracy and I discussed what we liked about this park so much.  It is not the location or amenities.  We really just care a lot about great wifi!  I guess for us everything comes second!

My idea to launch brenthomer.com and consult with churches is a bust.  I am launching a second online business.  Hopefully you will be reading about it in the next month.  I also am going full speed applying for jobs.  I forgot how much work it is to get a job!  Took me most of the morning to get my application together.  I also spent a lot of time with the HR people from my past jobs getting my info correct.

I see a lot of jobs out there.  I just have to get connected with one in the next 60 days.  My goal is to find and apply to a location independent job every day this week and keep working on my new online business.  The great part about finding a new job is that even if the job is location independent, I can pack up the family and move to the location of the headquarters for training.

Traveling this last week was fun for me.  Tracy is ready for me to make some money so we can get air-conditioning for the Land Cruiser.  Better yet, we just need a way to tow our car so we can all travel together.  Our truck is pretty awesome, but it is not configured for long trips.  Our truck is set up for running around town.  And running over curbs.  And running over rivers.  And causing havoc!

Not a great vehicle for long distance driving.

Not a great vehicle for long distance driving.

We also recently talked about how we don’t need to rush so much.  Curtis over at Poor Man’s RV talks about it best.  Essentially it costs the same to travel 30-60 minutes a day as it costs to spend a month at an RV park.  That means you can travel more and not spend more if you go slow enough.  Between Harvest Hosts, Passport America, and Walmart we don’t have to have high camping fees if we are willing to slow down on our travels.

I can’t wait to get out and explore the area.  We have great wifi here so I am feeling positive about the future!

The campground wildcat.  He sits at our front door in the morning and evenings begging for food.

The campground wildcat. He sits at our front door in the morning and evenings begging for food.


beautiful park flowers and landscaping

beautiful park flowers and landscaping


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