After Mother’s Day we left Gigantical’s house and set off onto the next part of our Journey.  Stop one was just a hour away in Milwaukee.  We had some friends to meet up with!

It took all morning to get ready to go.  After a leisurely breakfast we did 2 loads of laundry and watched a lot of TV at Gigantical’s house.  I also went and picked up my new business brochures at the local printer.

It wasn’t until after lunch that we managed to limp out of Sheboygan.

We decided to stop at a new Camping World on the way to Milwaukee.  I didn’t know what size grey tank valve we had, so the last time I was around I bought both sizes that Camping World carried.  The store was only about 30 minutes away from our starting point.

After a brief look around the store and returning our part, we went back to hang out in the RV.  We had only traveled a half hour, but we were all tired.  Lucky for us our house has a bed and couch!  We collapsed for about 15 minutes. After we managed to wake up we decided we should figure out were in Milwaukee we should camp.

One campground was almost $50 a night, and the rest of the campgrounds were over an hour away.  Tracy found a Cabelas on the far side of Milwaukee.

I never managed to get a hold of one of my new friends in Milwaukee, so we decided to spend the night at Cabelas and head out to Sioux Falls the next day.

When we arrived at Cabelas we drove into the RV/Semi parking area.  Their were big signs everywhere that said “No Overnighting”.  I was a bit miffed because we had traveled across Milwaukee during rush hour because the store operator told us they allowed RV overnighting.

The grumpy dude at the front desk confirmed for us that the store had no overnight parking.  Tracy did a brilliant passive aggressive maneuver and she yelled at me about the store’s terrible communications.  The grumpy front desk person finally offered to ask a manager.

The manager told the grumpy dude to just relax and that overnight parking was just fine!

Thank you manager! Thank you Tracy for not agreeing with the greeter!

After that fiasco we made plans with our long time friend Marcy.  I have worked with Marcy almost right after I got out of college 20 years ago.  Marcy decided to treated us to some CheeseCake Factory meals.  Afterward we hung out and had some coffee at a book store that was located nearby.

Marcy has some really big plans in the works that we can’t talk about, but I can’t wait to see if she manages to accomplish her dreams!

Marcy did a great job encouraging us to “go for it!”  She said that she wished she had managed to get out and poke around the country like we are doing!

We didn’t say goodbye, we all just hugged each other and said we will see each other next time.

The evening was pretty interesting.  All our iPhones kept having the weather alerts go off.  You could hear the phones all over the stores ringing.  Hail and floods were happening all over the greater Milwaukee area.

When we got back to the RV we were pleasantly surprised to see the RV safely parked.  Something was wrong tho.  Every exterior light on the RV was turned on.  All the outside lights were lit up like a Christmas tree.  All bright and cheery!

I open the door and the auto step opens.  That is good news.  It means we still have some battery.  I hear all the alarms going off in the drivers area because the lights are on and the engine is off.

I turn off the lights and start up the engine.  The engine starts up perfectly normal.

I don’t think the lights were on all evening.  The lights couldn’t have been on when we left.  The alarm is so loud I would never be able to leave them on.

A little later that night I figured it out.

The stupid cat tried to sabotage us again!  The cat apparently managed to somehow flip the exterior lights on when it was jumping around the dash area.


The night ended uneventfully after that.  We had no neighbors because the signage in the parking lot prohibited overnighting.  We managed to all sleep well even tho the rains and wind blew pretty hard that night.

Tomorrow we head out to our next destination!

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