So today I packed up and moved our RV. I guess by I packed up I mean the wife and kid packed up. And by moved, I might mean I pawned the experience of outside packing up onto my kid and my friend. So lets see how this works:

  1. my wife packs up the RV
  2. my kid does the outside stuff
  3. my friend helps do all the heavy stuff

Yup – seems like a great move. I just told people what to do and they did it.

Anyway this post is about my awesome new location. As you can see in the picture – that location is my work! They got the power turned on for me last week, so we moved in for a week today.

I am working a lot of evenings this week. Having the RV at work allows me to spend meals and free moments with the family. There is no O.T. in my line of work so I need to take advantage to what I can!

So it is a pain to pack up and move an RV when you are more static then mobile. It is good for the RV when you drive it around. Being static kills any kind of RV.

I have mentioned before that I am not pumped about my town rules. It technically is against the law to spend the night in an RV in our town. Even if its in the driveway of a house or property you own. I have spent some time on the street here before without much of a problem. Hopefully the neighbors and the police will have other things to do to keep them busy.

The downside to this location is that everyone knows where to find me at anytime at work. The other part I don’t like is the cold wind is whipping around us. For reasons I can’t figure out this part of the building is like a wind tunnel. My initial thought is that this part of the building should be sheltering us from the wind. We will have to see how this week goes.

I also have a few thoughts about the grass I am on. 2 major drains from the building empty here. I am concerned that I may get stuck.

The great news about being stuck is that I managed to get a nice discount when I renewed my Goodsam’s towing insurance and club membership. They called me at work to renew. I told them I didn’t know if I would be renewing with them yet. The marketer dropped the club fee, so I signed up for another year.

I think I may delay and feign leaving every year.

So anyway I am pretty pumped that we moved onto the lawn at work. Even tho we are not yet traveling around the country full-time, I am still able to take advantage of the RV’s flexibility.

It’s the simple things sometimes that can make something mundane like lots of overtime into something that the whole family can benefit from.

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