We went with our friend Gigantical and his wife to an RV show.  RV shows are the parade of homes event for RVers.  Instead of rushing from property to property you are in a gigantic building filled with tiny houses to tour and hotdog vendors selling you $1 bar food for $10.

The food was easy to overcome.  We packed ourselves a gigantic picnic basket full of burritos and soda.  At the end of our time touring Rvs we went into the lobby and ate a fantastic meal for free.  I think people were a little jealous!

That being said after looking around the RV show we realized a truth.  The Damon Outlaw is the perfect RV for us.  Yes, I would probably still sell it if I got a great offer, but honestly there is no other motorhome with 2 bedrooms that would work for us.  Everything else will require a lifestyle change for us to make work.

Tracy of course is still in love with teardrops.  Tracy’s dream is we buy a teardrop trailer and put a rooftop tent on it.  We would be forced to live outdoors and cook in the mini-outdoor-kitchen on the back of the teardrop.

I don’t understand how winter would work, but Tracy is pretty sure we could do it.

If we would sell this RV we would definitely get a smaller RV instead.  If we didn’t start with our current RV we never would have made it.  We have gigantic holding water tanks, huge poop tanks, and a structure that is super robust for warding off the cold weather.  We all have our own rooms.  At 38feet in length, there is plenty of room to stretch out.

We now feel we are ready to try living in a much smaller space like this or this.

The advantage of living in a smaller diesel RV would be milage.  We would be able to travel significantly more often if we had a smaller RV.

Our Class A gets exceptional milage for a gas engine RV.  We average about 8 miles per gallon.  Many gassers only get 6mpg.  The key for us is we have gigantic tires with a high rolling resistance, and we have the 8.1 vortex engine.  That engine is so big it’s stupid.  New RVs are rocking out V-10 engines.  The GM 8.1 8 cylinder engine has a lot more displacement than the current Ford V-10 engines.  Our RV hums down the highway at about 2,000rpm.  Its basically idling instead of revving up all the time.  It is very impressive.

The smaller diesel RV’s do much better than 8mpg.  They are getting closer to 18mpg.  Lots of people are reporting they are getting 20-22mpg.  That would enable us to drive the smaller RV around like a car.  We could drive it to the grocery store to get groceries or drive it to the lake just for a change of pace.  We also could hide and fit in friends driveways easier.

That being said we are in no rush to sell.  We love our current home.  We have the kinks worked out, and our house is very solid and easy to live in.


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