I am impressed with the weather in Sioux Falls.  This morning was hot and sunny.  We pulled down the night shades to stop the sun from beating in.  We turned on the fans.  It was going to be be really hot, and it was only 8:30am.

At 9:30am the sky was black.  The street lights were on, and cars were driving around with their lights on.  We, oddly enough, had no rain.

At 1pm Tracy arbitrarily said it would start raining on us at 1:12pm.  And she was right.  Big fat blobs of rain it RV at 1:12 on the spot.  Then it began to start down pouring.  It was raining so hard we could not really see very far out the window.

Tracy checked the weather online.  60mph winds incoming.  Within 30 minutes the RV was shaking.  Downtown Sioux Falls was reporting 85mph winds.  Marble size hail was pelting the RV.  The roads were flooding.  Our backyard was flooding.

I get up to shut the outside door.  The wind is ripping the door out of my hands.  It takes me a few tries to get the door shut.  I see the grill lid go flying off the grill into the RV lot.

I am not going to go get it while its hailing out.

A few moments later I see the neighbors lawn chair go sailing.  Then I see his Direct TV dish go flying as well.

In about 10 minutes the heavy wind stopped.  The rains stayed with us most of the day.  The RV lot is mostly under water.

The weather predictors are saying another big front will be coming thru later on tonight.

Living in an RV is awesome.  Its so great you can move your home.  Its nice to live simply.

Living in an RV also leaves you vulnerable.  It constantly reminds you how insignificant you are.

In your RV you feel the breeze, the sun, the rain, and humidity.  You feel the ground shake from thunder. Your house changes temperatures just as rapidly as the earth changes temperatures.

Its great being in nature.  It is humbling as well.

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