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When you travel full-time and you still have not developed an income source, you still need money.  If you have an income stream and its low, you still want money!  If you travel full-time and don’t need money, just ignore this post for all the travelers who do need it! 😉

There are a lot of great posts about how to earn money on the road.  The real issue for me is you have to have a certain set of skills to make many of these jobs work.  Look at craigslist for your city – there are always 100’s of people begging to make websites for as little as $75.  I have no idea how to sell a website.  I have no idea how to be a traveling photographer.  The problem of selling services while on the road is a problem that I just don’t have the answers to.  As soon as I figure it out, I will get back on the road, and I will let you know!

I have only been able to sell products and services as a result of having a relationship.  I am still working on learning how to sell to strangers in a strange location.  I honestly have no idea who would hire a photographer or a web designer who is randomly wandering around the country?  I know it can be done, I just have figured out how to apply it to myself.

I have met quite a few people who make a living selling on eBay or doing other specialized webwork.  I have meet people who hold normal jobs but can travel because the job is remote.  I have met people who have very specialized skill-sets and while the company doesn’t like them working, they have to let it happen because the skill-set is not easily replaceable.

As time goes on I see it getting easier and easier for employees to let people work from home, but its just not super common yet.  Even now I see lots of ads allowing people to work from home, but if you look deeper you will see that they demand the person stay within 1 hour of the office at all times, or have other requirements like “may not use cell phone data connections”.

I am not complaining mind you.  I see this “how to work on the road” problem as a challenge that can be overcome.  I moved on from my last job because I realized none of my dreams would never come to fruition if I stayed put.  I write this blog from a state of brokenness and hopefulness, and not a position of authority and having all the answers.

I have noticed that most blog posts say what you can do to earn money on the road.  I hope this series of posts that I am writing can show you how to earn money on the road.  At the moment I only have around 3 posts planned, but as I learn more I will share more!  I also hope to interview a few people who are currently doing a few of the jobs for extra in-sites.

The reason this post is entitled “How to Earn Pocket Money on the Road” is because I have not figured out how to make a living wage on the road.  I have figured out how to make some pocket money on the road.  It’s not enough to support us, but it lets us get groceries sometimes, get emergency money, or have a little extra for something fun.

All the tasks I am going to show you will need a pretty solid internet connection.  Some of the tasks could provide you with an ok revenue stream, but they will require so much work it more then likely won’t be worth it to you.  The good news is if you ever get stuck in a jam, or need extra pocket money, most of the tasks I will talk about can provide you with some extra income to get you out of trouble.

Each job method will have various levels of explanation.  I hope you enjoy the series.

While you wait you can get started without me:

Simple Tasks Research, Data Entry, Writing Design Mainly Digitizing non-profit, content moderation, digitization, data entry, Data Mining and Enrichment, Business Listing Verification “CloudCrowd provides Turk functionality and adds workflow functionality and innate quality control” data collection quality through exclusivity

Metaplatforms uses mturk and samasource uses mturk uses clickworker collaboration tool with crowdsourcing provided by mturk and livework media services, powered by CloudCrowd “provides a bridge for integrating crowdsourced labor directly into applications using an API.” uses their own trained workforce (Cloud Workers)

P2P Web Research, Marketing & Lead Generation, Procurement, Powerpoint, Excel and Word, SEO and Blog Writing content creation video, photography and blogging services text Callcenter, Support (not exactly simple tasks) questions via SMS ‘helps content creators deliver their creations to a global market’ homework help text (german) “hybrid between odesk and fiverr” requesting photos of places personal assistant

Expertise & Knowledge exchange Knowledge exchange (they structure the problem and have their own experts) Sales and Marketing Services, Financial Services A bit like a bad quora with money p2p risk management search engine marketing done by a crowd search engine marketing optimization consulting expert advice over video Our approach is to find the right persons for each task and to show people only tasks relevant to their expertise. Not live yet. Ask me if you have any questions.

Contestbased designstuff /ideas & problems – Creative Contests and 1 to 1 employment platform for Design, Writing, Programming, and Administrative Tasks.


Offline Tasks

Freelancers Professional services “get free personalized bids” voice over jobs

Fixed Amounts

Reviews and Opinions

Spammy stuff and (not sure if just a copy or the same company) and (look also the same)

Others crowdsourcing ideas (Facebook App, small stuff) enterprise crowdsourcing solution with integrated community management Knowledge as a service; SAP Integration post data, let scientists analyze. competition style. idea crowdsourcing (german) scientific crowdsourcing video contest funding, service and cutomers for startups provided by a crowd transcription copywriting photos contest transcription sms based crowdconsulting

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How to earn pocket money on the road with no job
How to make money on the road when you travel in an RV - a list of attainable emergency income for everybody who travels full-time.
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