I am pretty excited. I took this picture as I was walking to the back of work too sneak off to Starbucks. The maintenance guy was running the last of the conduit for our 50amp power hook-up at work. I don’t have permission to park at work all winter, but I will be free to use it at will. That will be nice because I have to pay for it all 😉

Anyway, we do have guests speakers arrive with RVs so it will be nice to have a place for them to hook-up as well.

I was hoping to be able to use the hook-up doing a big free clinic we put on a few weeks ago, but it hadn’t been hooked up. Christmas season is starting full-blast this week, so I will be putting in a lot of extra hours. It will be nice to park at work.

My wife and kid also spend all day on Monday and Wednesday in town with me. Having the RV available in town some of those days will make everyones life easier.

I often come home well after sun down now that winter is here. You can’t see any lights. If you stare hard enough you can see a slight glow behind the front window curtain, but no lights at all from the side windows. That is good because you technically are not allowed to stay overnight in an RV in our city. We will have to see how things go.

I know that the town is short handed with police force. Hopefully they have plenty of other things to do instead of enforcing that law.

Speaking of winter it was down to 11F last night. Still nothing has frozen up. The little propane cylinders are working well. I suspect the water bay may be frozen. I have no proof, but I should at some point hook up my small space heater. Right before we took vacation we dumped anti-freeze down the drains right after we dumped, so everything down there should be ok.

So far so good. Winter living seems to be working out for us. Yeah, it can get a little chilly, but its still warmer than some of our friends home. Also we still haven’t had to deal with a big freezing snow storm.

It looks like we will be taking vacation the middle of January. When we leave we will winterize the RV. Then we will leave it winterized until the end of February as we will live in our in-laws home while they are in Florida for a month.

At this point I am still totally happy we moved into an RV. Yeah it can be a bit inconvenient some times with the lack of sewer hook-ups, but I am still have a lot of fun!

It is awesome that we own a home that we can drive around. How cool is it that I am going to drive my house to work so I can spend extra time with my family?

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