I have avoided bad luck!  My mirror didn’t shatter!  After traveling around on gravel roads and in ruts, it looks like the big cupboard couldn’t handle the stress.  We don’t really know how the cupboard door broke, but the mirror somehow managed not to break.

We have another cupboard with a stress crack as well.  Hopefully it can stay together.  I have no idea how I am going to be able to fix this stuff.  We have all the spare pieces in storage so another door can be made at a later date.

I am almost 3 months into our nomadic journey.  I figure it is time to get a job of some type soon.  I haven’t really had any luck figuring out how to package what I did as a creative director at a church into something I could market and sell to churches.  I don’t know exactly what that means yet, but I need to put some serious thought time into a final effort into making some cash happen.

These cabinet doors are not going to fix themselves!

We made some tentative plans for the next few months.  Next week are going to head to the Detroit Area, then visit my parents in Pennsylvania Amish country, and then head over to visit my brother in New York City.

After that better have an idea of how I am going to make some cash or we will have some real problems!

I have been meeting and talking to as many full timers as I can over the last few months.  I have realized that very few full timers I have met are actually freely nomadic.  A lot of the make some nice side cash with blogs and online sales, but they all work some pretty crazy hours.  I am talking about up at 5am and in bed by 11pm.

All the inferences of a simplistic and peaceful lifestyle don’t really seem to be the case.  What a lot of the full timers I do meet have is a great sense of freedom and hope.

Even if the work I find is fulfilling, I don’t want to have my kid grow up without me around.  Last night we watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  Jiro feels that work is what is important.  Jiro worked so long and hard that when he took a forced holiday off his children asked the mom who the stranger in the house was.

Yes, he is now a famous chef.  Yes, he made peace with his kids.  No, I don’t think his achievements were worth the cost.

Once we get to our next destination in Michigan I am going to block off a few hours a day looking for something to generate income on a regular basis.  I will also keep working on my own projects, but hopefully I will be able to find something that can give our family a sense of security and a taste of nomadic adventure.

Despite the limitations of little money, and an unknown future, I have no regrets about leaving my stable job and leaping into the unknown.

Nothing changes if you are not willing to take chances.

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