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Living in an RV has forced us to do things outside our comfort zone. Like fixing things. Tracy has fixed windows and modified some of the interior components of the RV. I have been fixing water lines and adding in external propane tanks.

My preference is to always pay to have things fixed. It is easier and I don’t really understand how mechanical things work anyway.

The problem is repairs cost money. Lots of money.

The other problem as been time. Sometimes you just don’t want to wait for a time to get something fixed – so then you have to fix it yourself!

So Tracy and I determined that if we are serious about driving around the world, then we should learn how to fix junk.

So I take inventory: For tools I have 1 screw driver that is both a philips and flat head. I have 1 adjustable wrench, and I have 1 basic (metric?) socket set.

With that in mind I went outside in 14F weather to fix the seat in my Land Cruiser.

During HD Christmas we had a gigantic friend come with us. He is about 6 foot 5inches. Tracy decided that she had enough sitting in the back row, so she chose to sit upfront with me. That meant the seat had to go all the way forward for Gigantical to fit. At the end of the evening out, as she moved the seat back, a component on the seat broke off, and the seat became stuck in the forward spot.

This of course sucks, but it also meant that I could always drive because I couldn’t fit in the passenger seat anymore! Tracy and Gigantical both quickly tired of the seat position, so I eventually had to get it fixed.

After a quick website visit, The boy and I headed out with a socket set and a screw driver to fix the seat. We spent the first 30 min trying to find were the broken part was. Andrei was the mechanical genius today. He found the spot and managed to insert the piece into place with his tiny 12-year-old boy hands.

After the part was in place, the seat still failed to function.


My next idea was to pull the seat out. Another 60 minutes pass and I manage to get 3 of the 4 bolts out.

I get another brain storm. I start the truck up. ding-ding-ding.

The seat works again.

Then it stopped again.

Then it worked again.

I figure out the seat switch is dirty. I have run out of patience. I spend the next 30 minutes putting everything back in place.

I am not going to fix the switch until summer. It is far too cold outside to deal with the seat anymore. The seat still works and moves – so for now it is good enough.

So I have learned to fix something on my car. I learned a bit about tools. I learned to use a frozen metal water bottle I found in the car as a hammer.

It may not be a big fix – but it is a start to mastering my new skill of auto mechanic!’

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