So are you ready?  Are you ready to live the life you want to live?  Well too bad if you are not ready!  Life is happening anyway!

Sit back in your comfort zone and get ready.  Or go do something to make your dreams come true.  Failure is not an ending.  Failure is a guide to your eventual success.

I have known about the term “fail often, fail fast” but I am just learning what that means.

If you would have told me I was afraid of failure a few years ago I would have laughed at you.

I now see that most people are afraid of failure.

I don’t fail fast enough or often enough!  I find myself arriving at the end of an idea later rather then sooner.  It takes me longer to implement new or ideas or directions then I would like it too.

I see that I actually do care what people think.  I don’t want that in my life, but I see that it matters to me.

One of the things I need to work on more is the ability to fail fast.  To accept rejection with a handshake.  To understand that other people can be idiots – and that wisdom from the crowd is not guidance to your success.

Most people will not support or love you.  You start succeeding in something?  People will try and keep you down with them.  Good luck on your RV life – bring enough muscle that you can make it happen, because your friends and neighbors don’t want you to succeed.  If you live the life of travel and adventure, then what does that say about those who want it, but don’t get it?

I am very lucky to have loving parents and some great friends.  I image that most of them are not onboard with my life, but I have to always learn to push through it.  Heck, some days I am not onboard with my life choices.

Adventure and excitement can totally suck!  You want to know a great story?  A family moves into an RV, lands in Tennessee with no money, gets a terrible paying job with no benefits, and gets to problem solve a journey to peace and prosperity.

It is a super adventurous story, but that story contains a lot of sucky parts to it as well.  Wondering if you have enough money in the account for gas is a feeling I haven’t experienced since college.

That being said, when I look back over the last few months, I have had a deluge of blessings and adventures that I have neglectfully not shared with the long time followers of this blog.

Here are some highlights of the things that have kept me going:

Overland Touring Company

snacks and coffee

We are starting a tourism company here in East Tennessee.  It may be another year before I can take a paying customer, but it could just be a few weeks from now.  We have a lot of permitting and red-tape to sort out.  The company is called the Overland Touring Company and we will take people into the mountains and remote locations of East Tennessee.

We did a practice run a few weeks ago.  Here are some friends exploring an old graveyard from the early 1800’s.  Super interesting stuff!  It took almost 2 hours of driving on gravel roads to get to this location.  We did stop for a fancy catered meal, so that made it even more fun!

sample tours



cooking contest

So I turned into a winner recently.  Above you can see me setting up for a cooking contest.  I won a $90 pass to an off-road area.  It was a real blessing because now my wife and kid can come drive with me.  The park is over 72,000 acres.  I drove from one end to the other today and it took me almost 4 hours.

I also won 5 brand new tires for my truck.  I just got the certificate in the mail.  I have to actually go pick up the tires now and get them installed.  The tires can be up to $1250 dollars worth.  I had to write a story to win, and you can read that story on Expedition Portal.  If you were one of the people who voted for me, Thanks!  I am going to go for the grand prize, so I will be asking everyone to vote for me again later on 🙂




In my past I always hated the predicability and certainty of what was to come.  When I saw what my future looked like, when I saw how the people around me lived, it wasn’t what I wanted.  I so appreciate East Tennessee.  We are so close to many awesome places.  The above picture is of a full-scale replica of the greek parthenon.  How crazy is that?  I love see and learning about a new community.

I love where we live, but going on these little day trips make me really want to travel more.  I have to keep working!


Mad Skillz Skills

rewiring the land cruiser headlights

We all have been learning new skills!  Poverty does not allow you to sit on your butt and watch netflix.  Actually poverty encourages you to watch tv.  Here is the real truth.  If you have no money, you better start learning new skills so you don’t have to remain poor.

Tracy learned how to pull apart the truck.  She removed the battery, tore off the lights and grill of the truck and wired in a new lighting harness.  Is that cool or what?

My kid is realizing he needs to learn about cars, good Flowmaster  an Car Care services as well if he ever plans on driving one.

airing up

For my birthday I got an air-compressor.  We finally (3 months later) figured out how to make it work.  I would have never guessed I would have struggled to use an air compressor, but hey, I figured it out.  Or the boy did anyway!

As for skills I have learned – I think I am as web-site ready as I can get.  I can now pretty much develop websites that will serve most people.  This website is going to get a small overhaul and addition in functionality as well.



cooking on the tailgate

grill all the things

the tour

splasing in the fountain

We have been making memories.  We rally everyday against our hurts and disappointments.  We choose to force ourselves into chaos and delight instead of sedition and certainty.  A water fight after church in the public fountain.  Driving into the bowels of the mountains to see how rivers are re-routed.  Picnics in parking garages.  Cooking food over the fire, and experimenting with new recipes and flavors.

We adventure everyday.

When you look at your day, and your life, are you moving were you need to be?  Are you making progress?  Or are you choosing something safe that will lead you someplace you do not wish to be?

Achieving dreams is the hardest!  Going with the flow?  Fairly easy.

I will choose to do the hard thing.


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