I had a few days off of work for Thanksgiving day.  I spent it with the inlaws and at my best friends home.

We listened to a book in the car while we traveled.  In one of the chapters the author said, “Never make a change after vacation.  Going on vacation gives you big ideas that are bound to mess your life up.”

That pretty much is truth.

I just chose to ignore the author.  I am ok with messing things up if it means forward progress.

I have made some career decisions, re-established some dreams, and am moving forward.  I realize that this blog is sort of a mess.  I average about 150 to 200 page views a day, and about 50-100 unique readers a day.

That isn’t too bad for the RV niche genre that I am in.

For fun I decided to really look at how I rank among RV blogs.  I have seen quite a few lists with top RV blogs and I am always a little sad I never make the lists.

After pondering this problem for a few months I have some conclusions.

No one is making a living blogging about RV life.  The fact is, it is way too niche.  It is just like the video game genre.  RVs are made by just a few companies, and if you want an RV you have to buy from them.

RV manufactures do not need approval from bloggers to succeed.  They don’t need magazines to write about how great a floorplan is.  If you want a RV, you have to buy from a RV manufacturer.  Not a lot of companies make accessories for RVs, so the accessory companies do not have to compete.

The way a blog makes money is someone has to be able to pay for advertising.  Thor, Winnebago, Nexus, Rexhall, Fleetwood, Marathon, Newell, and Tiffen all do not spend money looking for reviewers.  If a magazine or news source would say something bad about any of these major companies then the company who wrote the questionable review would be cut off, and wouldn’t have a source for information anymore.

In addition to writing about RV life, I write this blog to talk about the information I couldn’t find when researching my future RV life.

People never talk about the stress or the problems.  For example, most sites write about how they fixed their fridge.  They didn’t write about how they have a soft spot on the floor because their fridge had been leaking onto the floor unnoticed for a year.

Its pretty hard to get a feel about what it is like to have a family and kids and live in an RV.  What is it like to live in an RV and not travel full-time?  What would happen if you quit your job and just started over?

The other topic I often write about is personal development.  Who is a person with money who wants to advertise in that space?

Again, its this bizarro writing.  RVs, self-development, and God.  What kind of crazy stuff is that?

So what should I do?  My first thought was to just start writing only about RVs.  Then I thought about just writing about self-development.

Then I just gave up and realized I like what I write about.  I am sorry RV people get interrupted by my philosophical rants and debates.  The world doesn’t need another blog article written about how to empty a poop tank.  The world does not need another blog only about RVing.

Even if my audience limit is now hit, I think I am going to keep on blogging about self-development and simple lifestyle.  This year I am also going to start expanding things.

No longer will I only talk about RVs and self-development.  I am also going to talk about overland travel.  I don’t care if I am poor.  I am going to take this RV for a mini trip every month.  I am going to take my truck on a mini trip every month.  I am going to make some videos and share them with you.  And I am going to give you tips and tricks on how to create your own mini adventures for you and your family.

I am also going to keep on continuing to share about finding work you love.  I will share with you tips and pointers I find on finding work that lets you travel.  Tips on saving money.

I will work on restyling the homepage to highlight these changes.

I have such big hopes and dreams for this upcoming segment in my life.  I am so happy to have started on my journey to making my travel dreams happen, and I am going to share with you what I find.  I am so happy to be alive.  I am grateful for my family and my friends.  I am grateful for all the people who have taken the time to speak into my life.

Great things are happening everyday.  I want to be a part of that greatness.





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