I was recently reminded that any lifestyle can turn mundane.  Living in an RV isn’t special.  Living in an RV is only special when people who don’t live in an RV find out!  As humans we have a large capacity for taking any given outrageous circumstance and turning it normal.

If we do something awesome on a regular basis, we forget we are doing something awesome!  We discount our accomplishements very quickly!

Did you just run a marathon?  Awesome!  Help me mow the yard!

We are a “What have you done lately” kind of people.

Great accomplishments are not celebrated very long.

Many of the commandments in the Bible are God forcing people to celebrate!

God demands we celebrate!  He demands we rest!

We are parked in a major campsite.  It has over 1,500 RV sites and it is depressing!  We have no cell phone data, and our internet is super spotty.  Tracy and I are taking turns leaving the house to go into town.  I am sitting at a public library writing this post.

I think this is bad!  I don’t have any money coming in so I can’t spend money.  I feel a little lost.

The honest truth is that 2013 Brent would think my situation is awesome and I should quit being a baby!

2013 Brent is pretty frustrated that his career is dead ended and his life is moving too slow.

2014 Brent needs to remember what 2013 Brent was experiencing!

Today is a day for new adventure and unlimited possibility!  Last year lots of things I wanted to do were impossible.  I wasn’t surrounded by anyone who was willing to take any risks.

Playing safe means you can fail safe.  Playing safe doesn’t mean you eventually win.  It just means you can’t tell if you are winning or losing until its too late.  Playing it safe means you give others control over yourself.

I need to remember that I am living an awesome life.  I need to quit complaining about the weather and jump in the pool with my kid!  I need to go explore the city near us and see more of the Michigan area.  I need to plan a trip to see Detroit!

I am living in a time of opportunity and I need to remember to take advantage of every opportunity!

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