A new category is being added to How I Wrecked My Life.  I am going to talk about tools you can use to make your life more awesome.  I am going to talk about new ideas and challenges for you to experiment with.

My first idea is maybe something you wouldn’t have considered.

Buying a new case for your smart phone.

You wouldn’t think that a new iPhone case would help make your life awesome, but I am going to say it actually can make your life a bit awesome.

My wife described our normal phone case thoughts as this: “Phone cases are like condoms, it’s risky not to use them, but way more sexy!”

The only loss I ever experienced was taking my phone swimming, and a case wouldn’t fix that.  The iPhone is a pretty robust phone and I never was a big fan of putting a case around it.

For fathers day this year Tracy splurged and bought me a Book Book.  This wasn’t so much a great idea on her part, but more of an insistence on my part.  The great idea on her part was buying me something I really really wanted.  I better buy her something awesome next mother’s day…

Anyway she bought me the lust worthy Book Book iPhone 5 case.

After having 3 iPhones with no case, why would I want to try and use a case now?  How can a case be a good thing?

It won’t take long for a person who uses a smart phone to realize how awesome the Book Book is.

People don’t remember you are using a smart phone.  The Book Book turns your iPhone invisible.

Why is that important?

Hopefully you are using the tools your smart phone allows.  Evernote, Dropbox, your favorite GTD apps – your phone provides endless ways to record and store data.  It is a miracle of science.

The problem is people are ignorant and afraid of phones.  Bosses are sure you are texting.  People think you are constantly playing games.  Even if you are holding your phone and not using it – people get distracted by it – the silk smooth high gloss screen, the sleek shapes.  No matter how you use your phone, many people get upset with any phone  being present.

The Book Book lets people forget you are holding a phone.  I don’t quite understand it.  When you consult your phone inside the Book Book people don’t bat an eye.  No questions about what kind of phone you have.  No questions about the case.  They just ignore the whole situation.

People are okay with you taking notes.  The Book Book lets peoples mind assume you are doing the correct thing of writing things down, while you instead type them up all proper into the correct apps.

While the ever hipster awesome Book Book is an Apple only product, a quick Google search reveals some clones for various Android phones do exist.

So besides making your phone invisible what else does the Book Book do?

It simplifies your life.

I now only have to carry my phone and my keys.  Do you know how many years of training it has taken me to always remember to take my keys, wallet, and phone with me?

It seems awkward not having 3 things in my pocket!  With only 2 things to take, Gollum would be able to guess what’s in my pockets!

So with the Book Book only able to hold my driver’s license and 3 credit cards, then how do I keep all my other cards with me?

I digitized it all with Lemon Wallet.  Lemon wallet holds all my membership cards and my health insurance id.  If a business can’t scan the barcode that Lemon Wallet generates then make them use the membership id and type it all in the old fashion way!

I have been using the Book Book for a while now.  It took a bit for the wallet to break in so I could hold it comfortable, but now that I have my Book Book set up the way I like, I wouldn’t want to go back to a regular wallet.

Do you have a phone case that does magic?  Let me know!  Leave a comment!

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