So we are chilling out in our summer spot.  The rest of the rv resort seasonals are all moving in.

Bonfires appear all over the park on the weekends.  No one sits around them.  It has been far too cold – but they are all lit anyway just on principal that summer is mostly here!

Large amounts of hard-liquor and beer are being trucked into the trailers.

Golf carts are zooming everywhere, often going the wrong way down the lanes.

We do dishes without conserving water.

It is good to be home for the summer!

A seasonal site is a necessity for us.  We live full-time in our RV so we need to have a legal place to park.  What I don’t know is if I understand the people who leave a trailer on-site all the time.  They never travel with their RV.  They buy them new, park them, and just visit on the weekends.

More and more people are buying them, and just paying someone to tow the RV’s for them.

Someone in our resort has a $200,000+ RV and they never drive it.  They park it at the beginning of the season and it just sits there.  I assume they have a site down south and the RV only moves in the spring and fall each year.  That can’t be good for a diesel pusher.

Our big issue this summer is that we are trying to get debt free.  I will probably make my 1 tank of gas last all summer long.

That is depressing!

I think we don’t travel a ton because we can’t really bring a car with us.  We also need to stay in an RV park.  Gas + Park Fees = expensive.  Especially for a one or two week vacation.

Last summer we spent a week right outside Kansas City.  We didn’t have a car so we spent the week in the RV camp.  All RV parks are pretty much the same.  Yes some are nicer than others, but they are not a great destination.  Visiting Kansas City would have been a great destination.

The vacation still was fun because we met a lot of friends at the camp, and had no need to leave.  We also spent the next week in downtown St. Louis and had plenty of city to explore there.

RV’s really shine when you can stay for 3 or more weeks.  They start to make financial sense.  Eating in and not paying $100+ a night really adds up.  Even with $4/gal gas.   You just need a long enough timeline to make it financially balance out.

You may think I am complaining but I am not.  I really enjoyed living in the RV full-time for the last year.  I love the fact that we can, and do, move our house around throughout the year.

I like the summer period of having neighbors, living in a party resort, and swimming everyday.

City officials didn’t celebrate us when we lived in a rental in town.  No government worker wanted to know how my stay in town could be better.

In RV world, you are surrounded by staff that serve you.  The staff plans events and entertainment.  They genuinely want you to have a good time.

That is what I intend to do – have a good time!

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