At the moment we have a lot of plates spinning in the air.  I think RIGHT NOW living in the RV is sort of a pain.  On Monday and Wednesday every week Tracy and Andrei spend all day in town.  Today we left the RV at 8am and didn’t get home until 8:45pm.

That is a long day.

Tracy is normally up by 5:30am studying.  I get up at 6:30 and head for the shower.  Hopefully the shower goes well.  Sometimes we forget to start up the water heater.  Sometimes I find myself  standing in a puddle of water because the grey tank is full.  If this happens I have to run outside and drain the tanks.

We typically start eating breakfast at about 7am.  The highlight of this is coffee made with a french press.  We have been having french press coffee for about 5 years now, and we love it.

At this point we wake up the boy.  He takes his shower while Tracy and I finish breakfast up together.

After breakfast we load up the car.  We put in the picnic basket, load up the laundry, put in the grocery baskets, add in school-gear, and load up my work gear.  The land cruiser is pretty packed out by this point.

Every morning we also also have to make sure the RV is spic and span.  I make the bed, andrei sweeps the floor, and tracy does the dishes and directs the process.

I have not been making the bed well enough so I found out I have been fired from this job.  I am scared to find out what the replacement job will be…

We then drive about 23 minutes into town.

In the morning Tracy leaves the boy with me at work while she attends college.  She just found a way to make some bank while at school.  Apparently she is now an official “Note Taker” – her job is to give a copy of her notes to the teacher.  The teacher gives those copies to special needs students who can’t take notes of their own.

After school Tracy comes back to work and we all eat lunch together.  Sometimes we drive over to a park, or other times we just eat in my office.  Today we ate in my office.  We had fancy-pants cheese on crackers, sushi, grapes, and sugar covered almonds.

Tracy and Andrei then go run around town and do chores.  They do our laundry for free at a friends house, they buy groceries, go to a farmers market, and go to the library.  They also do any other shopping runs that need to happen.

I of course am working this entire time.  Tracy likes to take some timeouts with Andrei and do fun things as well.  They go on hikes, or explore some unexplored area of town.  They seem to have a good time, and I am a bit jealous sometimes at the adventures they have without me.

When they get back early enough they read, surf the web, or go over and homework Andrei needs help with.

Wednesday supper is a meal swap night.  We eat our meal with some friends.  I think they stole tomatoes out of a garden and made sauce with it.  I would tell on them, but the sauce was so good I want them to do it again.

After supper I quickly get back to work.  I technically don’t have time for a supper break, but if I have the right volunteers in place I can eat with everyone.  Next week looks like I will have to skip meal-swap.

As of now my boy is in football and he has games on Wednesday.  I am sad because i missed his first game.  He threw a 2 point conversion and he caught a pass and scored a touchdown on another play.  I hope I get to make a lot of his games in the future.

It’s hard for me to make his games because I run sound from 5pm-8pm on Wednesdays.  Hopefully I get some more volunteers in place to help so I can watch some of my kids games.

After work and sports we load up the land cruiser and head back to the RV park.  Everyone is pretty exhausted.

We do the unloading process.

We send Andrei right to bed.  He is pretty zonked.  Tracy and I hang out for a while longer.  Then Tracy retires and I sit here cranking out this amazingly long blog post.

Its a full day.  I am blessed to live life with my wife and kid.  They are both amazing and I am glad they put up with me.

At some point I may start sneaking my RV into town and camping in the parking lot.  It would be nice to have a home they could retreat too between appointments.  I don’t know how much work that will be, but it would feel really good to have our house available all day!

So that is what our family Wednesdays look like.  Yes its a little tougher living in a RV vs. living in our old house.

But that is just Wednesdays.  I’ll have to think about moving the RV while I sit in the hot tub. We found out while our pool is closed now, the pool and hot tub on the other side of the camp ground is open!

Can’t Wait!

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