How not to use the telescope.

How not to use the telescope.

Week 1 in Kentucky has come to a close.  3 more weeks and we have to head somewhere else!  My daily focus has changed pretty radically.  I spend most of my day looking for jobs that I think I can be excited about, and I of course want a job that I can bring value too.

I have seen a few jobs where the expectations are crazy.  I figure if I can’t succeed at the written job description I am not going to waste anyones time.  I am pretty sure a lot of jobs online are unfilled because they are next to impossible to succeed at.  I sometimes read about how bad the economy is.  I have no idea how to actually understand or put a valuation on the economy.  I just know that 1,000’s of jobs exist online and some of them would be great for me and the company that hires me.

I read about how some people submit 100’s of resumes a month.  I have no idea how anyone can make a resume and submit it 100 times.  Each company needs research, a custom cover letter, and some think time to where I could live.  It takes while to research a companies culture to find out if you would even be a good fit.

I submitted my resume to 3 different companies last week.  It would be nice if some of them would follow up soon.  I am going to have to put some thought into how I can make myself stand out and show I am the best candidate.

The weather shifted from 90F to 60F recently.  We all had some sort of crazy allergic reaction from the temperature change.  We are all coughing and sneezing a lot.  From looking at how many people are sick on my RSS list, it seems like we are not the only family dealing with this weird cough.

This weekend Tracy busted out her telescope.  The telescope was a Christmas present and this was the first time we ever had a chance to try it out!

Aligning the Telescope.

Aligning the Telescope.

McDonalds up close!

McDonalds up close!

Despite the fact that it was freezing cold out, we managed to find a few stars.  Step one with a telescope is to make sure it works.  Tracy managed to get the telescope focused on the McDonalds sign a few blocks away from the campground.

It is going to take some practice, but I am looking forward to see some planets!

The campground cat has been hanging out at our house again.  Tracy and the boy keep petting him so he likes to hangout by the front door and cry.  Our cat is very scared of the stray.  He just hisses and hides all day.  I sort of like it!

"Not-Larry" the cat!

“Not-Larry” the cat!

This weekend Tracy also managed to finish reading Jurassic Park to us.  It had a satisfying end.  The boy is still talking about the gory parts!  I am taking suggestions for our next book.  Tracy found a free ebook about dinosaurs, and we could read the Jurassic Park sequel, but I would prefer something not about dinosaurs next!

In the mornings Tracy usually reads another book out loud just for her and me.  It is usually an adventure book and it is read before the boy ever even gets out of bed.  She is currently reading You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Sir!  The book is about a crazy teacher who bikes from Britain to India.  The main character is in Pakistan now, and the book is something worth waking up to hear!


We also just watched a crazy good movie on Netflix called Maiden Trip.  The movie was a great summery of what it is like to experience wanderlust.  For those with a memory of past news events, the movie is about the 13 year old Dutch girl who sailed solo around the world.  The movie starts off talking about how the government tried to remove the girl from her fathers care because the father approved the girls attempt to circumnavigate.   5 stars!


Kentucky has been a nice relaxing place.  I actually like it here.  Tracy says the humidity is bad enough that Kentucky is not on her dream list of locations to live.  This weekend we are making plans to go see a sink hole he corvette museum.  The boy is going to be excited!


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