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I have a bunch of random thoughts I want to share.  Some RV related, some not so much.  I was surprised by some of my favorite current ideas, and hopefully you also will find them interesting.

RV Related

If you live or tour in an RV you will never think of everything.  Here are some things you should rethink.

Keep gassed up.

In Tennessee we are in a gigantic ice storm.  Power is going down all around us.  Power went down in the night for us as well.  We have batteries, and we have generators.  We also have a full tank of gas.  When you park for awhile keep your gas tank full.  You will need that precious juice for you generator when trouble hits the area.

A Shovel

I don’t care if you are spending the winter where it is warm.  You will end up in the snow.  A shovel doesn’t take much space.  RV parks are not going to shove out the walking area for you.  They wait until you are gone and they just use a plow.  Even if you only want to spend winters where it is warm, you need to be prepared for the times you get called back north for emergencies.


You use a broom on the floor, the windows, and the slide topper.  When it snows you will end up with a crushed slide topper.  A broom is a great way to remove the snow.  If you don’t have to go, you probably will not need to remove the snow.  If you are planning on leaving, consider bringing in your slides before snow accumulates on the slides.  For reasons I don’t understand please also put in your awning before a storm.  I saw about 5 broken awnings today because snow and wind tore the awning away from the RV.

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Spare LP Canisters

My 100lb tank ran dry today.  And the propane store ran dry as well.  Lucky for me the refill truck showed up.  If you are in an area with a storm coming, make sure you have a spare LP tank of some kind.  People horde LP like they do cans of beans.  If you travel a lot consider finding a place to store a spare thirty pounder.  I see most fulltimers keep the spare on a bumper hitch on the back of the RV.  They have a splitter that lets them tow a toad and carry the spare.  When you run out of propane you are dead!  Massive damage can happen to your house when the pipes freeze.  A little security is worth it!


Make sure you always keep a bag of salt with you.  Not any just any salt, keep salt that has some chemicals that allow it to rapidly melt ice.  Your steps will freeze up.  You can’t retract your steps until you clear the ice off of them.  You also will want to melt a walking path to your car.  Up north you get a lot of snow, but down south you get a lot of ice.  I had forgotten how bad the ice was down here until this last storm hit.

The other reason you need ice melt is for the dump stations.  A lot of RV parks don’t have onsite sewer when it gets cold out, but they usually have a dump station.  What usually happens is the dump station is sunk down so any spills that may happen drain into the sewer.  In the winter it is easy for snow to melt and the dump hole to get covered in water.  Then at night, the water flash freezes.  Once we had to dump ice melt on a dump station for 3 days until we could bash the ice off the sewer.  We had an overflowing grey tank that was getting smelly!

No one had any ice melter besides us.  Once we broke though and started up the RV, all 4 other RVers in the park quickly jumped in line.

Bizarre Thoughts


I cannot find the article, but last summer Tracy and I read an article on sleeping.  Two big bizarre facts stick out.  If you sleep on your stomach and you face left then you develop better digestion.  Because of how your insides drain, facing left on your stomach allows for greatly reduced heart burn.

The Second sleeping position is even more bizarre.  When you sleep on your stomach and face right you introduce better breathing.  Sometimes I wheeze.  When I turn my head and face right, many times my wheezing instantly stopped.  I wish I had a link, but try it for yourself.  It is pretty creepy!


I am an iPhone fan, and I don’t hide it!  My current favorite app is called Dreep.  Deep is a bizarre game that is more an alarm clock than it is a game.  If you like old school computer games from the 80’s and 90’s then Dreep is for you.  The game is designed for adults.  You start the game and the game plays itself.  Your job is just to open up the app and watch.  The app pretty perfect!  You get to see a grand adventure without having to do the work.  The game is touted as an RPG alarm clock and I love it!



In the morning Tracy and I read a book together about travel.  We read to remind us that it is possible for us to pursue our dream of driving around the world.  We just finished Drive Nacho Drive, a story about a couple who drove a VW bus around the world.

Our new book is called Everybody Duck.  The book is rare and out of print, but it is amazing.  We are only 3 chapters in, and I am excited for breakfast every morning because I want to find out what is going to happen.

The story is about a family who buys a WW2 amphibious landing craft, puts on a small shed for a house, and drives the house to South America.  The family essentially builds an RV that can float.  Of course it also only goes 25mph, catches fire a lot, and is manned by mostly teenage daughters and strange neighborhood boys.  The trip happened in the 50’s and the writing style is amazing.  I wish the book was in Kindle format so more people could read it!

Be Prepared

I hope you found at least some of these random thoughts to be helpful.  I am pretty tired.  I am stressed as I continue to job hunt.  I am in the middle of 5 interviews and 3 major projects.  The Tennessee snowstorm keeps dragging all my plans out.  Hopefully I will have my money problems solved soon.  I plan on posting a few resources that can help RVers make money online.  Without these resources we would be in some major trouble!

I also want to remind everyone that snow will be something you will have to deal with.  You may get stuck on top of a mountain in early spring or late fall, you may be a victim of a freak storm, or you may have a family emergency.  The chances you will end up in snow are very high if you choose to full-time in an RV.

I will try and make a basic snow primer in the future as well.

I hope everything is going great for everyone.  Thanks everyone for continually checking in on us as we look for work.  If you have any questions please let us know!

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