This is the 3rd part of a series on how to make actual money on the road.  None of these methods may be what you need for a full-time income – but they can be used to generate a few hundred a week – great for emergencies and covering unexpected costs on your travel.

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If you love surfing the net maybe a good way for you to make money is evaluating website.  In this part I will tell you what I know about these jobs.  The big boys of crowd sourced web evaluators are:

These 3 companies essentially do the same job.  They evaluate the legitimacy of websites though the power of crowdsourcing.

A lot of people don’t really understand how Google and other search engines work.  Essentially Google has a little of 600 algorithms they run to determine what a website is about, and how to rank it for keywords.  The problem is algorithms are usually never perfect.

The solution is to periodically check on websites with human eyes to see how the computer programming is doing in its rankings.  There are billions of websites, so having some humans spot check things is important. Google outsources this spot checking to these companies.

It takes quite a bit of testing, and most of these companies pay $10-$20/hr.  It helps to be technically minded to qualify, but if you study, anyone can do the job.

If you use Apple computers, then LeapForce is the only choice.  The other 2  companies require windows computers.

The job is to find out if a website is spammy, if the site is legitimate, or if the site is in the correct category. You help Google rank a pages authority and rank.

The first step for all the companies is to apply for jobs.  It can take 2 or 3 months to hear back.  As of the date of this article, most of the forums are reporting an overabundance of people and not enough work.  Last year at this time, they had to much work and not enough people.  This is frustrating for many of the contractors because you are required to work a minimum number of hours to keep your contract.

Qualification is fairly brutal for LeapForce.  I failed the test when I took it.  If you do fail, but where on the right track, don’t fret.  LeapForce will usually recontact you in email and give you a second chance.

I mostly didn’t qualify because I failed to understand two points.  First, they expect you to take the test with the study guide.  Set the windows up on your computer so you can see both the test and the study guide.  Then make sure you understand how to search the .pdf manual – and verify all your answers.

Secondly, I let my knowledge of seo, computers, and coding get in the way of instructions.  Sometimes I can be a terrible test taker!  Just answer the dumb questions like the book says and you will be good!

I started working full-time when I got my email for my 2nd chance test, so I never signed up again.

All of these jobs provide pretty decent pay for not a lot of work, but it is risky to count on these jobs as your only income.  All the sites pay well for crowd sourcing, so that makes for a lot of competition for available spots.

A different kind of website review

The last service I would like to talk about is a company called User Testing.

User Testing pays people $10 for a 20 minute review of a website.  I actually qualified to work at User Testing!  The job at User Testing is to let your computer record your voice/ facial expressions / screen as you review a website.

It is a fun job.  The goal is to never stop talking.  You talk constantly about what you see, think, want to do, etc.   Its like a gigantic stream of consciousness.  The big catch is most people only catch 0-4 websites a day.

The way it works is you “bid” on jobs.  So you log into your profile on the site.  You may see 5-10 jobs that User Testing thinks you may qualify for.  Then you click on a test and it asks you questions.  Where do you live? How much money do you make?  Do you like Oranges?.  Your answers to the test will qualify you to review the website.

Here is what I learned: You must be ready to review a site at all times.  What I eventually figured out is that most jobs only appeared at certain hours of the day, and just for a few minutes.  Lots of people where waiting to do the jobs.  You pick a few random jobs, answer the questions, and pray you make it.  By the time you get a few qualifications out, most of the jobs in the batch presented to you are gone.

From my experience last summer, jobs dropped at 11am, 3pm, and 1am.  If you weren’t ready to compete for a bid at those times, you never got a test to answer that day.


For the right person, these jobs can be pretty rewarding.  All four of these companies pay better than most fast food jobs, they just are not usually very consistent.  User Testing requires a lot of bandwidth, but the other jobs are pretty easy on your wireless data budget.  Be careful about where you apply.  Lionbridge won’t let you work for them if you have applied or worked at Leapforce before, so maybe apply at Lionbridge before you apply at Leapforce.

Do you work for any of thee companies?  Share your tips and hints in the comments to help others succeed!


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