My new eBook awaiting publication on

My new eBook awaiting publication on

So in just under a year I finished a dream.

It wasn’t a life long dream.  It was just something I wanted to do, and instead of just acknowledging the dream and forgetting about it, I managed to make it happen.  For about 4 months I got up at 5:30 in the morning and I hammered out a book.  It then took me months to get the book edited.  And then months to figure out the publishing process.

It took over half my vacation to get the work done.  My natural desire is to take vacation as vacation.  The thing is, I wanted to get the project done more than I wanted to watch 12 hours a day of HGTV.

Finishing and publishing the book was very hard.  Maybe even harder then it was to transition to the RV.  I don’t know why, but finishing anything is the hardest.

After it was finished and edited all I could see was what was wrong.  I didn’t touch the book for weeks at a time because of that.  All I wanted to do was rewrite it all.  Flesh it all out to an even larger book.  I was constantly calling my original vision into question.

I find it fascinating how hard it was to actually publish the book.  Even after I was done writing, all I wanted to do was to start over.  Be more clear and precise.  Be stronger and more innovative with the formatting and artwork.

I have met many people with unfinished books.  Unfinished songs.  Unfinished paintings.  Unfinished creations.

I believe that my book is going to be helpful to some people.  It will introduce people  to the power of journaling.  The simplicity of goals.  The joy of life.

Maybe you will think that the book isn’t worth your time or money.  That’s ok.  Some people will like like it.  It’s Rule #34.

If you have project, challenge yourself to finish it.  If your project is to move into an RV – make it happen!  If your project is to make some songs – just record it already.

Money, Time, Resources.  They can all hold you back from finishing.  What would happen if you just finished anyway?  What if you just finished when it’s good enough rather then when it’s perfect?  If you next project is ever going to get made, what can you do to finish this project?

Finishing stuff is hard.  It’s also just as much fun as the initial creative process.

What’s holding you back?

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