We are in the middle of a series on How I Wrecked My Life on ways to earn some money on the road.  Even if you don’t feel like you have special skills, you are sure to find some tasks to earn some extra money.  Special guest poster Ginger will be making a couple of posts here.  Ginger makes extra money by writing online for various services.  She writes for her blog, RVWanderlings, and has an excellent Facebook Page worth following.

BlogMutt is a service that businesses in need of blog posts use. If you’re a good writer and based in the United States, you can make money writing those blog posts. The amount of money you can make with BlogMutt varies wildly based on how many posts you can write in a day, the wordcount of the posts, and the number of posts that sell each week. It takes time to build up to selling more posts per week and is a long term investment of time because you don’t get paid when you write the post. You get paid when the post sells.

BlogMutt has four client levels and the writer is paid based on the minimum wordcount.

  • Minimum 250 words – any level can write – $8
  • Minimum 600 words – must be at least writer level 4 – $19
  • Minimum 900 words – must be at least writer level 5 – $40
  • Minimum 1200 words – must be at least writer level 7 – $72

The pay rates are less than finding freelance clients for yourself and BlogMutt charges clients more than they pay you, obviously. They are also much higher rates than many of the other content mill sites. There is some debate over whether BlogMutt is a content mill because of the higher pay and the higher quality expectations than most content mills.

The Good:

  • Payment every Monday to Paypal at around 5pm EST
  • Scheduled post dates so you can guess when an article might sell
  • Many clients available to write for and a variety of topics. As of the day I’m writing this, there are 27 pages of active clients. Each page has 30 clients. Each client has multiple keywords and some clients post more than one blog a week. More new clients every week.
  • Posts rejected by one client can often be recycled with only minor editing and sold to one of the other clients.
  • The company is growing and the staff is very supportive of the writers. There is a forum available for writers and staff only which is also very supportive and informative.

The Bad:

  • Not a full time living alone but you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket money-wise anyway.
  • Posts paid when the client posts them, not when you write them. That date is variable because the clients can move articles up and down in their queue.
  • Ghostwriting means no one ever knows you wrote the post so there are no bylines or public bragging rights but you can share excerpts privately.
  • Accepts only writers living in the United States and it can take several weeks to get approved to be a BlogMutt writer.

Overall, BlogMutt is a great company and an excellent supplemental source of income for writers. It can also give you a good starting point to gain confidence and experience writing business blog posts. You can then use that new confidence and experience to go after freelance clients of your own if that’s your dream. If not, you can simply keep writing for BlogMutt clients and never have to worry about the contracts and headaches of an independant freelance writer.

If you want to give BlogMutt a try, here is the process:

  1. Read this post on the BlogMutt Blog: https://www.blogmutt.com/blog/2011/08/welcome-to-prospective-freelance-writers
  2. Fill out their online application. You’ll be asked to link them to your facebook, linked in page, and blog. This information is not shared with clients. They use it to verify that you are in the US.
  3. Acceptance can take from a few days to a few weeks. Mine took 3 weeks.
  4. Write posts.
  5. Get paid.
  6. When you near $600 in payments from BlogMutt, you’ll need to fill out a W-9 form with your social security number or employer ID number or tax id number. They’re a US company and you’re a US based freelancer so they’re legally required to collect the information.

BlogMutt has an excellent help page and many helpful people in the forums if you are struggling. When you first start writing posts, they might seem to take a long time. Take your time with them. As you practice, your pace will speed up. I can write 2-3 posts in 90 minutes, including research and quick editing. Others average closer to an hour per post.

My best suggestion for you is to plan to write a set number of articles per day. Don’t aim too high at first. It’s just important to get in the habit of sitting down, finding a client, and writing when you schedule it. Don’t rely on a muse. Muses are notoriously fickle and to earn a living with business writing, you can’t be at their mercy. Before you write a post for a client new to you, read posts on their blog to see what tone they like and pay attention to the comments on posts they have rejected. That habit can save you valuable time later.

I am half of a couple in our 30’s. In the summer of 2014, we sold all of our stuff, quit our jobs, and bought an RV. We move only a few times per year and earn income with a mixture of online work, freelancing, in-person cash gigs, and temporary employment.  You can follow me at my blog and Facebook page.

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How to make extra money on the road by writing for BlogMutt.
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