One of my favorite things is meal swap. While Tracy didn’t invent it – she was the one who implemented it.

The idea is you and another family take turns making meals for each other. We do meal swap each week. On Thursday we make the food and on Wednesdays our friends make the food.

Over time we have changed what days we cook on. Some weeks the swap is totally cancelled. Other weeks only one family has time to cook.

Meal swap is one of the highlights of our week. We love spending time with good friends over any kind of food. Sure – sometimes the food isn’t the best – or you run out – or something else isn’t the way you wanted it.

The thing is that meal swap is a great way to build lasting friendships. We have found we don’t care who makes what, its the opportunity to just spend time and hang out with someone.

Some evenings we all kick back and hang out all night, and other evenings we literally eat and run out the door.

Its a way to relax with friends. No need to entertain. No need to show off. Just eat and have fun!

At one point we had a third couple joining us at supper, but due to allergies and restrictive dieting, it didn’t work out or last. The thing is, we still have a great relationship with that couple because of our time together.

We recently tried breakfast swap – that also has failed. Egg sandwiches just don’t stay heated enough on my commute. It’s fine tho. We have decided we are going to have french press coffee breaks at work now instead.

I think meal swap is on the best parts of our week. We were a bit worried that it wouldn’t work out when we moved to our RV. I am glad that our friends found we were still worth driving a 20 minute commute out to eat a meal with us weekly.

The pizza in the picture is homemade taco pizza – it is amazing. The picture of the bread with a knife is for our friends. While eating some very stiff crunchy bread our friend choked. So instead of being compassionate we painted a face on the bread and mounted a knife on it. Then we started texting the picture too him so we could taunt him on a regular basis!

Did I mention that meal swap is fun? 🙂


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