So we applied to be work campers at the local state park. Apparently we can’t because our unit will freeze up. Also their dump and water station is apparently closed for the winter. I am a bit disappointed at the response from the Ranger. It would have been nice if they would have researched and talked to us for a bit. .

The email also isn’t entirely honest about the dump station. As of last winter the dump station was open all winter, but they couldn’t guarantee anything. They also have water available, it just may freeze up at any point in the winter.

Yes last winter was mild, but I still used the dump station in January and February. Yes the water was frozen, but a hole is a hole. I even called and asked about the station and they said it was open, just the water might be frozen.

So I don’t really understand everything. That is ok I guess. There is a gas station not that far away from the park with water and a dump station. So we will make do.

I was tempted to call the forest ranger and discuss the email. I do understand that its a pain for them, they don’t want to take care of us, or be responsible for anything. Most people don’t want to hear something they don’t like from people they don’t know, so confrontation probably won’t help my cause.

I guess I will just deal with it. Everyone has opinions, just some people have governmental authority to enforce their opinions I guess.

Our current winter plans are to stay at a place 30 minutes away from work at a private campground. I do think that we will still bounce around the state parks in the area – despite the fact that the ranger is sure we will freeze up and die – just because it is so very much closer.

We have camped a lot of nights in winter. The weather has dropped to freezing a lot of times with us in the RV. Nothing has broken yet. It actually feels like you cheat – everything is freezing, but you are in the middle of the woods all comfy and drinking hot chocolate!

New for this winter:

  • RV Skirting / Heating solution
  • electric blankets
  • a location we may be able to thaw the RV out for a few days if it freezes
  • the understanding that water will be at a premium
  • a commitment to make our dreams happen!

I think people are ultimately afraid of what they have yet to experience. I am afraid. If I wasn’t afraid I wouldn’t research and prepare. I have the safety of my family and myself to consider, and I don’t want to risk their lives on something like winter.

It is just that fear isn’t a reason not to try – and everything so far has been going awesome. And we are not the first people to ever do this. And we want to make this happen!

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