So this winter something new happened.  Our heater would sometimes turn off.  No reason.  It would just shut down.  And the fridge.  It looked like the reason was we couldn’t get enough propane to the heater and fridge.

Lately this had been starting to happen more often then it should.

I figured that something was wrong with the propane delivery.  At some point  I was confident it was just that the propane was freezing up.  The problem is it was only getting down to -19F.  I figured the -50F windchill was causing the freeze.  I was told it shouldn’t make a difference because windchill isn’t a real temperature.  -19F is pretty close tho – so I figured it was freezing up.

I finally got sick of the heater going off and I called up the local dealer.  I asked if they could stop over and change the regulator.  They said they would not do it.  Ever.  Or until summertime.  Maybe.

We live in a smaller community.  This is the kind of customer service I expect around here.  We need some competition!

So I called around and realized I would have to abandon my home for the winter or bring the RV in to get it looked at.

This simple task is actually a big deal.  The last time I moved the RV it was November 1st.  I didn’t even know if the RV would start up.  Or if the jacks were frozen.  Or what could go wrong!

It was starting to get cold inside so we decided to start up the RV.  Amazing the RV started up.  First try!  Yeah!  We stood around the dashboard for  awhile enjoying all the new heat!

Ok – Lets get the slide working.  I flip the switch.  Nothing.  No movement 🙁

We remember the slide won’t open if the engine is on.  I turn off the engine and the slide moves.

Crap – the snow!

I go outside as the slide is closing and I see that most of snow has fallen off the slide topper, but some ice is not falling off.

I tell Tracy to extend out the slide so I can clear off the last of the ice.  We get the ice off the topper and try to close the slide.


Ok.  Enough of this.  If the slide won’t move, I will not move the RV. I decide to get the propane working again.

No matter what I do I can’t get the fridge and heater to fire up.  I tried slow opening the propane sources.  Sometimes they need to open slowly or the lines can get fouled.  Multiple times I switched out the external canisters.  I purged the lines by lighting the stove multiple times.

No matter what I did, everything failed.

Ok – that means I have to get the slide working.  Again.

Lets try again – maybe starting up the RV will make the slide work.  It happened before right?


And the water heater now will not work.

And now the fans on the air conditioner will not work, time for some HVAC repair.

Ok something electrical is jacked up.

Check the fuses.  All look great.

Flip all the fuses.  All are fine.

Check the outside connector.  Fine.  Unplug it and plug it back in.  Lots of times.  Nothing!

Now what?

Tracy and I look thru all our manuals trying to find fuses for the slide.  Nothing.

Check YouTube.  No help.  Google? No help.

So Frustrating.

I saw online that someone was having electrical problems and said that the Air conditioner, Fridge, Heater, and Hot Water Heater all were on the same fuse.


I look at the fuse.  It’s not blown.  Its a 12volt fuse so it is a car style fuse.  I firmly push on the fuse and I feel the entire fuse panel snap into place.

The fridge turns on.  The air conditioner fans turn on.  The slide works.

The heater works!



It all makes sense.  This problem started in December.

One day we couldn’t find our cat.  The entire day.  Seriously – 350 square feet and we lost the cat!

Late in the evening we heard the cat crying.


We listen.  Is he outside?  He is in the closet?

Is is under the closet? By the fuses? What? How?

A pattern emerges.  When the cat is bored he can open the bottom drawer.  Not only did he open the drawer, he crawled behind it and spent the day sleeping.

I open the drawer.  The cat starts screaming and hissing cause he can’t get back out.

He finally breaks free.  No damage done I think.

I now know what happened.  At some point he pressed against the 12volt fuse panel and partially unset the back plain.


It’s a pattern now with this cat.

When we first got the RV the cat ran into the dashboard.  Yes, the dashboard!  It took a day to get him out.

When we first got the cat he ran into the heating duct return.  And fell into the basement.  And got stuck right next to the heater.

He has a history of trying to kill us.  Or kill himself.  I don’t know yet.

I am watching you cat.



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