I have an awesome truck.  It is very very large.  It is scary to look at.

No one EVER crowds me on tight roads.  I never drive more than 65 and no one crowds me.

My wife cried real tears when she first saw it.

Well she cried because it was a gigantic P.O.S. – and that is another story for another day.

Lets just say it was the best truck I could find for $3,000.

And that is the problem.

So far we have about 10,000 in this truck.  We have brand new 33″ 10-ply tires, all new vacuum hoses (yes, every single one) tons of gaskets replaced, new drive shaft, new exhaust, new brakes/rotors/master cylinder, and a bunch of wiring redone.

Essentially 80% of all my credit card debt was getting this P.O.S. fixed and working.

Here is the deal:  Do we sell it or keep it?

I figure we have 5-6k worth of work left to do on it.  And it still won’t be immaculate.

Or we can suck it up and trade it in on another car and get a car loan.

The reasons for a car loan?

  • we would have a reliable car
  • payments of only $160ish
  • 25% better gas milage
  • little to none for stupid maintenance

Why should we not get a different car?

  • could be another P.O.S.
  • car payment
  • only 25% better milage

It’s a pretty tough call at this point.

You see I love my Land Cruiser.  Essentially it is my dream car.  Except it only got 14.5mpg on our last tank.  The odometer is broken, its full of rust, and the inside upholstery is trashy.  Also the axles are currently leaking grease onto the brake pads, so the brakes are not working so hot right now.

I am looking at some creative financing to see what we can come up with fix the truck completely.  I see nice 90’s era land cruisers selling on ebay for 10k-20k.  Mine has a broken odometer and a messy title, so it most likely won’t make those kinds of figures — ever.

I am thinking about what to do.  I love not having a car payment – I hate having a broken car.  I don’t know if I ever will get ahead on this vehicle.

Well maybe if i keep it for 20 more years….


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