We have moved to a new location for a week!

We sent our kid across country for a week!

We bought 6 used tires for our RV!

My in-laws are here visiting!

That is enough news for a week and it is only 3 days into the week!

We knew after Sioux Falls we had to head back east towards Minneapolis because my kid needed to fly out to visit my sister.  She bought the tickets 6 weeks ago.  We didn’t know where we would be at so we guessed.

We didn’t manage to guess far enough West, but that is ok, that is why we live nomadic – we can make anything work now!

We have made a few new travel discoveries.  If Google Maps says we need 4.5 hours that means we need 6 hours.  We stop a lot more over long distances, we frequently are going way less then the posted speed limit, fuel stops take a lot longer, and rest stops tend to drag on.

It is easy to make 30 minute breaks when you have a king size bed in the back for naps!  Plus snacks quickly turn into meals when you can fire up the generator and have access to running water and a microwave!

At 65 MPH with the generator and both air conditioners running I was getting about 8.5 mpg. That is pretty good for a 24,000lb gasoline powered vehicle!

We often end up going over back roads to get to our destination.  I have no idea why this happens.  I swear the GPS leads me off the interstate all the time.

When on back country roads you often end up slowing down to the 30mph range.  In a car you can do 55  mph.  When a sharp turn shows up the signs usually tell you to slow down to 45mph or 50mph.  No worries, you feel the G forces, but you are low to the ground and feel safe.

In an RV when you see the speed limit drop 5-10mph you slow way down.  My RV towers 13 feet tall and it feels really fast at 35mph!  I do care how many cars are behind me, I am not going to go faster then I can feel safe doing.

We ended up at Treasure Island RV park.  The park is fine.  It is on an Indian Casino.  The laundry mat is large, clean and modern.  The park itself doesn’t have many amenities, but it is cheap!

The big draw to the park is free shuttle service to a casino about 1/2 mile away and you get free access to the hotel hot tubs and swimming pools.

We have yet to take advantage of the pools, but I am sure we will soon!  I want to go swimming!

I also bought 6 used tires.  The tire installer guy said I should replace them in the next year, but for the price of 1 new tire I  will get 6 tires and they will be mounted, balanced and installed.

This means I bought myself 12 months to learn how to make an income!  Hopefully I won’t have to be talking about tires until 2015!

Since we are only 5 hours away from our starting point my in-laws stopped by for a few nights.  It is always nice to see family again.  Tracy is having a lot of fun catching up with her parents!  My kid is going to be sad he missed out!

So things have been really busy here.  I have been so busy with driving, airports, and tires that I haven’t really managed to get any work done this week.  I am going to be making a new schedule with Tracy soon  so that I can keep a schedule that lets me produce better products more often.

We have a very busy week, but I will hopefully have some cool news to share with you all later about work.

I was looking for adventure when we started.  I think we have a lot of adventure coming in this week!

40 feet still fits in parking spot double fill inlaws car


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