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We survived our two weeks at the state park.  We extended our stay out multiple times.  Every 3 or 4 days we hoped we could leave the state park.  My last post talked about our experiences at the park.  It was fun and we do love it at that location.  We do however miss sewer on site, unlimited water, and INTERNET.  This blog has been a bit ignored lately, and a lot of that was due to the fact we had no easily accessible internet.

It’s been a little of 2 weeks since I posted last, and A LOT has happened.

The first 10 days we spent at the state park were a bit worrisome.  We had a miracle happen.  Somehow our grey tank managed to last around 12 days.  When we left the park in Two Rivers they hadn’t allowed any sewer dumping yet.

Rather then go straight to the next rv park, we drove into the parking lot where I worked.  The sewer hookup there was under 5 feet of snow plowed dunes, so that option wasn’t available.

During my lunch hour we headed to the state park.  We took on water right away, but our grey tank was about 85% full.  The dump station at the park was under 4 inches of ice.

Everyday for a week my boy and I would go down to the dump station and chip it out a bit.  I think the park rangers figured out that people needed the sewer so they began to help dig it out as well.  About 5 days into our stay, the sewer was finally open and we could dump!

I had visions that we would have to pay a farmer or something to let us dump on their fields!  Lucky for us it all worked out.  It was a close one tho.

We ended up spending 2 weeks in the state park, but our goal was to only spend 1 week.  Paying $20 a night for no amenities is pretty steep.  The problem was our next camp site was still under drifts of snow and small lakes of water, all at the same time.  It was a big mess.

Every few days we would check in with the staff of the next campsite, always to be met with rejection.

Finally we got permission to show up, we just were not able to access the sewer, and our our site would have no water for a week at least due to the weather.

The good news was we could move into our summer site immediately.  No more camping up by the entrance!  It was exciting to check out our site.  It is the same site we had last summer.

Then even better news happened.  After being in the park for less then 10 days we just got word that we can use the water and sewer again!

That means i can take a hot shower!!  A HOT Shower!  Yes that means only a 4 minute shower due to a small water tank, but I am excited.

I only work a 1/2 day today, so even if its raining I am going to get it all hooked up!

It has been raining and snowing in Wisconsin for the last week, so I think the RV is sinking a bit.  Things are not quite level anymore.  All the eggs in the pan keep floating to one side.  The doors open or close on their own.  Once things dry out we will reposition everything.

So it feels like home again.  No more fancy pants places on the lake.  No more state parks.  Just us in our summer campsite.

It’s good to be home!

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