We said our goodbyes, secured our stuff, slept a deep sleep, and took off for our first destination.

That is such a simple and beautiful story.  Things took a little more effort.

Over the past few days a lot of fixes had to happen.  A bike rack needed to be attached to the RV.  Bikes then needed to be attached to the rack so that they didn’t fall off onto the highway.

A new tail light had to be installed.  Last summer during a windstorm a neighbors swing set blew into our RV and smashed the old one.

A LED light was installed into our bedroom.  That is the first working light in our bedroom since about 60 days before.

All the loose items rolling around in the RV had to be secured.  We have so much excess stuff in our RV right now we will be taking a trip to Goodwill later on this week.

Hugs were had, tears were shed, and hands where shaked.

Monday morning at 8am was our departure time.  All our last second goodbyes kept us around until 9am.  The morning was kicked off at 6:30am when Tracy’s dad stopped by to say goodbye before his work.

Our first stop of the morning was the oil change place.  The place said that sometime in the afternoon our RV would be finished.

We covered about 2 miles and it was 9:15am.

We then back tracked about 10 miles back into town and had spent the morning having coffee and talking to people in our town.  Saying goodbye to strangers we hardly knew.

After about 3 hours of sucking down lattes and teas we headed back to the garage at noonish.  The good news was our RV was in the shop.  The bad news was that workers all had lunch.  We were told to come back at 2pm.

With nothing else to do we headed back to Gigantical’s house.  We hung around, watched his TV and ate all their food!

At 2pm we drove back to the service center to pay the bill.  Someone had Anonymously payed $100 of our $170 bill!

I don’t know who you are but thank you!

It was funny because the guy who ran the service center was the very same person who had to open up my RV when the door locks failed!

The service center did have some bad news.  Our tires are over 8 years old and have some huge deep cracks on them.  Essentially he told us if we drive to drive to South Dakota on them we will have a blow out and possible a lot of body damage to our RV.

Current bid on new tires out the door is $2800.  That will essentially wipe us out before we start.  I will have to search around for some options and pray for a solution to present itself.

After picking up the RV we drove down the road and bought about 20 gallons of propane before heading onto the highway.

The RV drove fantastic.  I averaged over 8.6 mpg according to the computer.  It felt great getting out on the road, but knowing my tires are at the end was not very comforting!

We finally ended up at our campsite in Two Rivers around 4pm.

So the 45 or so miles we drove today only took about 8.5 hours.  That probably isn’t a very productive pace.

I would complain, but it’s not like I have a job to worry about!

We spent the evening with some friends.  We made new friends.  We told stories, ate a fantastic meal, and learned new things.

It was a good first day.  Loved the provision of a 1/2 off oil change and free meal.

Can’t wait to see what God provides tomorrow!

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