This is what it looks like on a Wednesday evening at the RV. The RV is full of groceries and laundry. We have learned a few things to make unloading the car work.

Give the boy the job of putting all the water jugs in an outside bay. When the water is put away he is sent to his room to fold his clothes. This keeps him from getting under-foot while we put everything away.

While Andrei is putting the water in the bays, Tracy’s job is to sit on the stairs. I then unload the truck and hand her bags of groceries and whatever else is in the truck that evening.

Tracy then begins to put all the food into whatever cupboards she can. It is my job to fold out laundry and hang it up.

This sounds easy, but it took us a couple weeks to figure out how it was too work. It is hard for more than one person at a time to be working. The way we currently put things away allows us all to work in 3 different rooms and not get in each others way.

Amazingly enough it takes us all about the same time to do our chores.

The biggest prep we need to do to make this work is to have the house spotless when we leave in the morning. It will not be a pretty scene when we go home to see the counters are full of dirty dishes and food.

Normally the 38 feet we call home is plenty big. Resupplying the RV is one of the few times I wish we had more slides. It gets tight in here with everyone busily working away at their tasks.


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